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March 22 2010

Enver Gjokaj talks Point Dume, Dollhouse. Everyone's favourite man-doll discusses his new web series and his Dollhouse experience.

A great interview. He comes across as an insanely good guy. I'm looking forward to watching more Point Dume too.
Aww, he's so concerned about coming across as pretentious. Which he still does a little but that's okay. Admittedly "mimicry" and the like does come up with some pretty bad connotations sometimes but as awesome a job he did with Topher and Dominic I'm a bit too literal to say he actually becomes any of those other actors.

Also I was vaguely curious what'd happen if Victor or Sierra were imprinted with Sierra or Priya (or Tony) but to some extent we did get that with the finale.
my fav of the clip: when the dude's reflection slaps him! HA!
I don't think Enver's being pretentious. It reminds me of when Joss explained that he hated when people called Buffy campy. I think Buffy does have a layer of camp, especially in the first season. I just think we have a different understand of what the word means. I thought Enver very much inhabited Topher, and yet I was calling him a mimic too. Which I'll try never to do that again. :)

my fav of the clip: when the dude's reflection slaps him! HA!

I didn't notice that before, funny!
I remember describing it as him mimicking, mainly because I wanted to avoid using the word impersonating. It was definitely impressive, whatever word you want to describe it with. It was actually so good that it was slightly creepy to watch, in a kind of Uncanny Valley way.

Nice interview and I echo Dan C. in him just coming across as such a great guy. I really hope he gets the success he deserves. First episode of Point Dume was very promising and I hope more come along soon.
Awesome actor, awesome interview. I just wish I could access the damn "Previously on Point Dume" short!
:: PERKS UP :: Guest actors?!

Anyone want to place some bets?
Enver was an amazing find for Dollhouse, and I look forward to his future projects. Point Dume looks pretty interesting, and it's great that he took inspiration from Joss and Felicia and decided to produce his own web series.
I'm going to guess...Dichen.
Next time I see Dichen, I'm totally gonna nag her into being in this.

I doubt it will take much nagging.

As for the project, I peg it as being both a good creative premise - it's funny, we all know soaps, you can do anything with it - and a great biz premise. I reckon if they handle it smart, they can bring a lot of people funny joy.
tonya j said:

:: PERKS UP :: Guest actors?!

Anyone want to place some bets?

rick fox?
Well maybe my conception of pretentious is sort of trying to reappropriate the word (I mean yes there's still a little possibility of it being bad but I don't see how being a little aspirational is a bad thing). Generally it's seen as a bad thing but I sort of like how he comes across as literate rather than just pretty. (Like how one of his wishes if active technology were real stems from how he has these piles of books he wants/needs to read calling out to him and taunting "you are ignorant!")

It's just if impersonating and mimicking are out of the question I've sort of run out of obvious verbs to refer to him doing Topher. Which sounds... intriguing but not what I intended. And really some of it is him nailing the vocal manner of the characters/actors.
That was green screen?

Point Dume is terrific, frighteningly so for a first go--congratulations on giving birth to a new kind of porn slashfic: Enver/Enver!


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