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March 23 2010

Patton Oswalt: great Browncoat or Greatest Browncoat? Got to hand it to this guy, fanboy'ing all over Whedon during his Dollhouse gig and landing a job writing a Wash-centric FIREFLY comic.

Great interview. "Out of Gas" is definitely my fav episode, too. But he doesn't know Jewel's name?? "That actress"?
And he calls himself a fan. Hmmmf.
That's who that is. I love him! Especially in Caprica.
That was a good interview, I look forward to reading the comic!
I cant wait to read this comic, and the Shepard Book novel at the end of the year. But only 2 Serenity comics a year - come on! We need more:)
I so agree with him about Wash's death - I was like NOOO and then I was like at least it wasn't Kaylee. xD

Hey, stupid question, but besides the two Serenity comics, are there any more, or will the Shepard Book one and this Wash one just make four?
Serenity: Those Left Behind and Serenity Better Days are the only two Serenity series so far. They were each 3-issue comic book series and you can get them in a trade paperback for $9.95 each. Most comic stores stock both of them.
Nicole, there's also some short stories coming out soon written by Firefly writers. They'll be in the third Companion volume published by Titan Books.
Oh yeah, I heard of those. Awesome. Gotta go buy them now!
Great interview. It's hilarious imagining him pestering Joss about Firefly on the Dollhouse set. He was great in Dollhouse and Caprica, I don't know what else he's been in.
Patton Oswalt has done a lot of stand up and some is on you tube, like 'Sky Cake'.

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I watch Caprica and I wonder if they are improvising those parts. Does anyone know? The talk show host pieces seem so real-- at least, the interview parts. The actual stand up is horrible. ;) But I loved Patten Oswalt in them, and with his love of Firefly (and in fact, his favorite parts are my favorite parts) I love him even more!
About him not knowing Jewel's name, I wonder if that was him trying to dumb himself down, I know I do it sometimes and hopefully I'm not the only nerd who does it. I could say "Oh look, its James Marsters" - but I might go for, "Look! It's Spike!" instead, depending on who I'm talking to.

...Well, I hope it was him being shy anyway. :P
Heh, that was my theory too Jaymii. I think he was trying to talk to the lay person and some Whedon actors have more fictional sounding names than their characters do ("Charisma Carpenter" ought to be starring in a superhero rom-com comic book) so maybe he doesn't want to confuse anyone nerdy enough to read the article but not recognize an actress.

Anyway, I really like Patton Oswalt (and his last comic book venture, a parody of those old Hostess Fruit Pie ads starring the Punisher, was pretty awesome) in part since his own writing/comedic style comes across as so carefully constructed or specifically worded as blue as it goes. Like "civilization was a huge psychopath with a club going 'I'm going to have rape for dinner!'" Seems like he'd manage to get the Wash tone pretty well. Alternatively, even if it's not that great we've got comic books by Remy the rat which is also awesome.

I've already forgotten the last line he's referring to for Doctor Horrible though, all I can remember is the final lyric/shot where the word is "thing."
Or it's the mark of pure fandom. I've known people who could quote Star Wars at immense length and yet would not be able to successfully navigate a polite conversation with their next-door neighbor.
What a perfectly lovely interview by a perfectly lovely man.
Got to hand it to this guy, fanboy'ing all over Whedon during his Dollhouse gig and landing a job writing a Wash-centric FIREFLY comic.

If I fanboy all over Joss, can I get my Serenity comic made?
@JewelStaite: Dear Patton Oswalt: Thanks for making my day. That is all. Sincerely, Me.

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"Sky Cake, why are you so delicious?" Personally, I prefer Sky Baklavah.
Someone needs to close a tag somewhere.
It must be Patton Oswalt week for me. I just watched him star in "Big Fan" from Netflix (in which he's really good and brave and nothing like the articulate witty guy he seems to be in real life).
He mentions "Dollhouse" in the Q&A extra--something about why would people want more Eliza when they could have a sadder and fatter than ever hobbit character return for another episode.

He's been great on "Caprica" too.
Want another Patton Oswalt fix? Patton doing a Q&A after a Portland screening of Big Fan. I'm still kicking myself for missing it due to being flat broke. Next time (I hope there's a next time) I'll borrow the money.
The "Sky Cake" YouTube thing that embers linked to is pretty funny. Not that Oswalt said anything new, but the way he put it was entertaining. The dessert symbolism is even more society-wide acceptable, 'cause folks tend to get their back up less often when you refrain from directly insulting their imaginary saviour (like when folks use "Sky Bully". Sky Cake is so much more diplomatic and delicious-sounding).

I'm starting to feel that comedy might be the key to re-educating/enticing/encouraging more folks in the world to see sense and logic. The average god-believin' or at least non-god-questioning joe doesn't wanna listen to a drawn out lecture or attacking rants, but his heart can be won by the funny. Stream various comedians' acts in highschools and at college campuses and the battle is won.

Sorry to hijack the thread with the soapboxyness. Patton Oswalt is awesome.

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