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March 23 2010

Sue Sylvester talks about Neil Patrick Harris. A new Sue's Corner promo for Glee discusses 'sneaky gays'.

First time posting a story, did I do it right?
Yep, though I think they want a period inserted somewhere (not sure where) for the sake of certain RSS feeds. or people accessing by phone or something.

Anyway, it's terribly meta, I sort of assume that was wholly intentional rather than this being something from the first 13 that never aired. It's a cute gimmick though, quasi-in-universe content, since I'm pretty sure they can't possibly air this as part of an actual episode. (Whether the sheer meta or the fact I can't see their gay character getting in immediate conflict with Sue that could/would lead to a thematic episode.)

I still maintain it would have been awesome if there were Glee and Dollhouse crossover ads.
That's disturbing on many levels, but that sums up Sue in a nut shell. It'll be good to have Glee back.
Wasn't there a Dollhouse ad with Sue Sylvester in it? I think I remember her talking about Echo - she was introducing a clip or something (?) I vaguely remember it. It was before I watched Glee, so I didn't really pay attention. If I'm not mistaken, I saw it on Hulu or on the Fox site when watching DH reruns. Am I crazy or did this really happen?
Sue hosted some kind of fall preview show for Fox. They briefly mentioned Dollhouse, so that's probably what you're thinking of twainbrain.
Hee hee hee . . . That made my day!
This was absolutely hilarious!
That was very funny.

Watching Glee at UK pace at the mo, and really enjoying it. It walks the tight rope of sickly sweet, but just about gets away with it (the deaf Glee club singing Imagine was perhaps a little too far, but its heart was in the right place.) Generally, the characters are so well crafted that you are right there with them, avoiding it becoming overly sentimental. I'm sure if many of the sequences were seen out of context they would come across as fairly saccharine, but it does work.

I would say it was actually one of the best presentations of school life I have seen since Buffy, although openly more tongue in cheek.
This is hilarious.
I was busting up laughing about that one. Sue truly makes this show.
Less than a month finally until the return of Glee. I can't wait! I just keep watching the first 9 episodes over and over. Can't believe how addicted I got to it!
“Swish it up, gays. Because if I can’t tell who’s gay, how will I know who to judge?”

Loved it - those writers are staccato-hilarious, and Sue is my Evil Idol.

Looking forward to the Joss/Neil episode, natch.
Could we get Sue on American Idol to replace Ryan Seacrest? Yes, not Simon, Ryan. There's not enough sincerity on that show. When can we stop blaming song choices and just tell the contestants they're downright poopy?
Jane Lynch is great in everything she does and is one of the best reason's to watch Glee. I love the tenuous links we have established from Whedonesque to another great show! It makes me happy to talk about a show that I am now enjoying now and to link it back to Whedon verse!

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