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March 23 2010

Happy birthday to Alyson Hannigan. She turns 36 today.

As do I.

Happy b-day Alyson (you to Simon). ^_^
And her daughter is one!

Happy birthday to all! :D

(Man it is EVERYONE'S birthday today! Two of my friends and my boyfriend's mother make the list as well, haha.)
Happy Birthday Alyson! And Simon! And Alyson's daughter!

Will I get banned if I *kiss* Simon? He is my husband, after all!
She's so young.

Happy Birthday, Alyson Hannigan!
Happy birthday to all the parties involved!

So, whom I'm supposed to ship today: Simon/Allyson or Simon/Tee?
Best wishes to Aly on her birthday! And to Satyana! I hear that there were cupcakes on the HIMYM set today courtesy of Aly. :)

And a very big happy birthday to Simon!!
Happy Birthday Aly and Satyana!!!
Happy birthday to Aly, Satyana and Simon! Hope you all have a great day :)
Happy birthday Alyson, Simon, Satyana!!! (That's...many people.)
So, whom I'm supposed to ship today: Simon/Allyson or Simon/Tee?

Simon/Tee. Or I'd have to scratch Aly's eyes out. :o)
Best wishes to Alyson and have a great day Simon
Happy birthday, Aly and Simon!
And it's my step-son's 30th birthday as well. So happy birthday to Ben (who is not Glory), Aly, Satyana, and Simon.
Happy birthday, Aly!

Along with your husband, you're my favorite person in the Whedonverse.
Happy birthday everyone!
Happy Birthday Alyson, daughter, and Simon! Have a great one!
*adds Bday wishes and hopes she and Alexis have a nice day*
Happy birthday Alyson, daughter and fellow WHEDONist, Simon.
Hope you all have a fantastic day!

Hey! I forgot I can add comments to these posts now. ;)

Birthday wishes all around! Hard to believe it's been a year since our Whedon baby was born.
Happy Birthday Alyson and Simon!
Happy birthday Aly! And welcome to the party aftertherockets!
Happy Birthday, Alyson Hannigan and your little "one"!

And Happy Birthday to all, on what is apparently The General Birthday!
Happy Birthday Alyson and Satyana. To you too, Simon.
So I'm guessing that Alyson and Lilly have the same birthday, based on the "Lilly's Birthday" episode of HIMYM that aired this week.

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Happy Birthday Alyson, Satyana and Simon! :)
Alot of Whedonverse birthdays in recent eh?

Happy birthday Alyson!! :D
Yay, a birthday party! We can all partake of huge helpings of virtual birthday cake and booze. Happy birthday Simon! And Alyson! And Alyson's baby! (Really? They have the same birthday?)

*passes out under the table*
Happy birthday, apparently everyone in the 'verse!

Also, Jelly, yes, I was thinking the same thing. Though Lily just turned 32, rather than 36.
Many happy returns to lots of folks, including someone else I know!
Alot of Whedonverse birthdays in recent eh?

Most of the Buffy actors are Aries, so yeah. Every year around this time a bunch of birthdays posts pop up.

Happy birthday Simon, Aly and Aly's baby!

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Happy Birthday Everybody! Hope you all had a good day (or are having, depending on your time-zone.)
Heck, maybe Willow does too; and I was wrong, Lily is actually 1 year closer to Willow's age than she is to the real Aly's rather than in the exact middle.

Happy b'day to all.

"It's about you, Mrs. Denisof,
In '97 we all fell in love with you,

"Satyana sunshine, shining all the time,
You make us happy, both night and day."
Happy birthday!
Posting, just because I noticed that there were 35 comments, and I wanted to make it 36 for her 36th. Happy Birthday to a delightful, sunny talent that I am happy to be able to still watch on Monday nights. How I Met Your Mother is probably my favorite show currently airing, and I never would have seen it had it not featured the birthday girl in question. Hooray!

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