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March 24 2010

Q&A with Gina Torres: "Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths". She also remarks on the amount of Whedonverse actors involved in DC Comics animation projects.

I still hope she shows up on CSI'd be cool to see her with Laurence.(sp?)
i, for one, am glad that she has a significant sci fi presence!
I'm hoping she gets tapped for the new American Torchwood project... I need to see her on TV more often! Too bad it's being developed for FOX :P

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She'd possibly make it worth watching (and if Felicia Day was dreamcast as the techy-who-also-kicks-ass i'd watch it twice).

Gina was really good as Superwoman, sexy and crazy-dangerous and in general I quite enjoyed the film. James Woods was predictably excellent and (yes, i'm actually putting this down in semi-permanent text ;) William Baldwin did a really good job as Batman IMO, either he's grown into that sort of voice or he just plain played the hell out of it. Different take to previous actors but not in the bad way (and he works probably the best line in the film - re: the abyss - pretty well. Not too much, not too little, just right).

(I did think she was doing something "extra" with her voice though, turns out it was just the flu. Being ill - or rather, recovering from illness - really works for her ;)

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