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November 14 2003

(SPOILER) Angel 5x08 Destiny - Exclusive Spike Promo Pic from - French TvShows Magazine

[ edited by glady on 2003-11-14 15:37 ]

Glady, it would be nice if you participated in discussions here apart from posting links to Arkanium's promo pics every week. I'm limiting your account for a while to see if you plan to be part of the community here.
That's a pretty cool pic... fairly "iconic". Spike's got quite the penchant for "cross smoking" don't he? :)
That is very iconic indeed.

On the topic prolific raised ... I know I (and probably a lot of other people) would participate more in the comments/community myself if there were only an email notification every time someone responded to a post or comment I made (similar to the way they do it on Livejournal). This doesn't mean the Whedonesque owners should implement this (cuz it might be a lot of work for them, after all), but still, it might be very nice. In fact, many blogs would benefit from something like this. It would also help keep discussions alive that had scrolled off the page and into the archives.
Sorry, I lurke more than I (try to) write comments cos if I read not too badly English, it's hardest for me to write. I'm french and I'm not bilingual in 2 senses :(
That image would be so cool if it didn't have that annoying Arkanium logo on the front.Other than that I really think it's an awesome image.I wonder what he's gonna do with the cross.He may hit maybe say, oh, Angel with it.
Glady, it's ok to write bad english. The English do it all the time.

Anyway, feel free to link to other stuff than just Arkanium. I'm sure there are other (French?) sites out there that have Joss Whedon related info.

And I don't mind links to articles in other languages than English either, though I'm sure not everybody here will agree.
I have to say I enjoyed that Japanese site that someone posted ages ago.
I don't mind links to other foreign language sites. Joss' popularity is worldwide, after all.

I'd love to see that Japanese site as well... I go to Japanese language sites all the time.
As an American who speaks a language other than English (yes, we do exist:-) I also wouldn't mind seeing more foreign language sites.
What is wrong with linking to I like the stuff posted from that site...
Nothing wrong with linking to Arkanium. It's just sort of suspicious when all a poster does is post front page links to one site. (Especially when we've had problems with admins from Arkanium self-linking here repeatedly.) Better to post links from a variety of sources, and participate in comments/discussions as well.

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