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March 24 2010

Felicia Day interviewed about 'The Guild' comic. Felicia's comic (issue 1) 'the Guild' came out today, and it is really sweet. I loved this interview, but I loved the comic even more.

Has anyone else picked this up? Can we discuss it? If so, should I add 'spoiler' tags? At any rate, the interview was well done and I liked the fact that she used the same artist who drew her in the 'Doctor Horrible: Penny One-off' comic book.

Cute interview... but Vi's head of the NY slayers? I know I'm not up to speed, but...
Yeah, Vi heads the Manhattan squad... that's seen in #16.
I haven't picked this up yet, but I think I will eventually. Reviews have been largely positive thus far, and Day is just so quirkily wonderful. :)
Is it ongoing or a mini-series?
At the moment, it's a miniseries. Three books. But if they're well-received, we'll probably see more along the way.
Hope to pick it up tomorrow. I'm not sure it will be in already, but atleast I can pick up Buffy TPB 6.
Well it seems like I'm the first to read this, so it is clearly too soon to discuss it. But I have to say that Felicia shows a real knack for writing comics! I'm really looking forward to getting to read the next issue, and I'm really loving the artwork by Jim Rugg as well as all the awesome cover designs. This really is something special for everyone who loves The Guild, and for everyone who loves Felicia Day!
Picked this up today. What I was struck by the most was how assured Day is as a writer; she has navigated the always treacherous waters (they're too shallow, that's always been the problem) of the comic book format with skill here. Her dialogue is deft and sharp, never over-written (take that, Bendis!), and every line counts; her narrative captions keep the story flowing without overwhelming the art or falling into the trap of redundancy. Some writers who are used to working in film, TV, or prose choke when faced with their first funnybook assignment, but Day, an admitted newcomer to comics, hit it out of the park here and seems perfectly comfortable with the specific limitations of the format. The book may be about her (or Codex) but I especially liked how she was able to create a perfectly believable self-obsessed twit of a boyfriend, and how she was able to perfectly evoke walk-on characters--the kid playing her MMORPG, her psychiatrist, the old woman who has performed Beethoven's 5th over 1200 times--with just a line or two of dialogue each. And, best of all, stuff happens in this issue: unlike a lot of modern comics this story isn't stuffed with filler. (Take that too, Bendis.) It's lean meat, no fat. I won't spoil the story here but I will say that it isn't solely about Codex; her world is already starting to expand and there may be two (or three, if you look closely) members of the Guild lurking within these pages.

The art is perfectly suited to this book. Like Buffy season 8 artist Georges Jeanty, Rugg is always perfectly clear and readable, but unlike Jeanty, Rugg's art is sharp and precise; characters have easily distinguished individual portraits, backgrounds are clear and detailed, and--this is a personal pet peeve of mine when it comes to Jeanty's stuff--unlike Jeanty, Rugg's people all look like adults. Codex looks her age, not like a twelve year old, and that's neat. Also, Rugg does a nice job differentiating the world of The Game--which we get to see a lot of here--from the real world.

A great start for Felicia's new series and I hope it has the sales to become an ongoing. There has to be enough crossover between the millions of people who have watched the Guild and people who read comics, right? One can only hope. I think Dark Horse would do well to try to sell this book in non-traditional locations, too--record stores, Hot Topic, computer stores, video game stores. Here's hoping for a long life for this comic!
I can't wait to have mine in hands!
This living too far thing really gets in the way sometimes...
I really liked it. It's great being able to see the origin of the Knights of Good. Lots of funny and good likenesses. Felicia did a great job.
Yep, another here wanting to say that the comic is all good and can't wait for the other two to come out. I have also preordered the signed copy from goldenapplecomics when she does the signing next week
I wish Felicia Day was coming up to San Francisco's WonderCon instead of doing the Golden Apple comics signing next weekend! :(
This was a very good issue. I'd like to see Felicia write for Buffy season 9.

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