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March 24 2010

Emma Caulfield has been added as a guest of honor at C2E2. It's Chicago's newest giant comic and entertainment show!You can meet your favorite ex-demon at the PopCult and Devil's Due booths. The show is at McCormick Place and runs April 16-18, 2010.

I want to get a signed copy of her web-comic Contropussy, so maybe I'll have her sign the screen on my laptop...

OK - I am angry about this for a good reason.

Originally I was going to go to this convention the C2E2, but then I saw the guest list (which this was the end of last year so duh!) was pretty boring - for my tastes anyway.

So I went and saw that there was going to be a Chicago Comic Con held by wizard with some pretty cool people, and since I (for some stupid reason) was looking at the one that hadn't taken place yet, since it told me Emma was going to be there (Which she was - in 2009!) So big mistake on my part. So AH! No more Emma = broken heart for me.

I still had decided to go to the Chicago Wizard Con instead of C2E2 since the people still impressed me more. So as soon as I heard that JAMES MARSTERS was going to be at the con I decided on, I wasn't so upset anymore.

But then this news! It was all about Emma from the get-go and now I am going to the wrong convention! and I can't go to this one! I am intensely sad and angry. :(

Plus - Ben Templesmith will be there too which I LOVE. and NOW Neil Gaiman TOO who the boyfriend and I have become obsessed with lately! SHHEEESH.

I am super Angered. I plan on whining at James about how I'd rather be seeing Emma, Ben, & Neil instead.
@sasburgerr, I live in the Windy City, and I have to say that the Wizard World con has really gone downhill over the past several years, to the point where I didn't even bother to go to the last one. The previous few were soooo disappointing, mere shadows of the con I used to look forward to. C2E2 has me psyched, though. Mike Mignola and David Lloyd? I'm there. Sorry you didn't know that Wizard World was not the best horse to bet on. But I'm sure you'll enjoy your time in Chicago anyway. It's a great city. Don't miss the Art Institute and its brand-new Modern Wing! It's super keen!

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Sasburgerr, who knows, maybe Emma will come to Wizard World again. She seemed to really enjoy herself and all the fan adoration in 09.

Either way, if you send me your email, I'll forward you pictures and video from the C2E2 show. (I'm only 75% sure I'll go but that percentage always goes up as shows get closer!)
Thanks everyone for the heads up.

I am slowly but surely finding out how horrible Wizard is based on everyone's opinion from years past. The closer it gets the sadder I get. I have faith I will still be able to have a decent time, but I am dreading the possibilities of some crazy mishaps. Like if Marsters decides - You know what? What the heck am I doin' at this pathetic con anyway? - and then storms out moments before I reach his booth. ahhh.

Got to find some silver lining. (oh man I wish I was going to c2e2, idiotidiotidiotidiot!) - I'll try not to weep over any footage I get.

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