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March 24 2010

Video interview with Olivia Williams for She comments on Spaced, The Ghost Writer- there's even some Joss talk.

Can't believe that I hadn't realised before that Olivia Williams was that cyclist in Spaced. Love the out-takes of that scene where Simon Pegg and Nick Frost can't keep it together. I really need to watch Spaced again - it's been too long.
Olivia Williams: still neat.
She is quite stunning.
I love watching her interviews. She's awesome, as always. (And yay, finally, a Dollhouse question!)
i learned something new today: split infinitive. i wanted to genuinely get the joke, so i googled.
I also googled it so now I know what a split infinitiv is. But I still don't get de joke. I know it will kill the joke but could someone explain it to those of us that are not native English speaker.
I'm not sure there was a joke exactly? She may have just been acknowledging the fact that many fans probably would already know some obscure details about their favorite creators so she went with a grammatical thing.

Like there's an old tradition in English language derived from Latin grammar that you aren't supposed to split infinitives (which is the "to [verb]" form) but there's a school that it doesn't apply anymore since English borrows from several other languages besides Latin.

It isn't inherently wrong or sometimes even sounds better to some people. Like Star Trek's "to boldly go where no one has gone before" really ought to read "to go boldly..." but no one cares since it's so famous. And/or an out-dated rule.

Anyway though, I miss Spaced. I was so giddy it finally got released in the US (with new bonus features even!) but I lent it out immediately and it sorta disappeared. Cool to learn that she actually knew of them rather than it being an overly roundabout homage they asked her to participate in. (Granted that also would have been neat.)
Oh, I'm a little late checking in on this post, haha.

Another thing regarding the split infinitive- it's caused a good-sized debate among a lot of writers, especially the lit nerd types. There's always debate on the more archaic rules of English, like how they evolve and at what point they become something else entirely.

The other Joss related example I can think of is "hopefully" meaning "full of hope", without any tie to what the speaker is hoping for (i.e. "She scanned the paper hopefully." would be correct whereas "Hopefully, their team will advance to the finals." would be wrong). Both uses are pretty well accepted nowadays. There's a whole class of adverbs called disjuncts that convey the speaker's perspective (frankly, honestly, etc).

Jane Espenson and Tim Minear commented on this a while back at a Firefly panel, haha. There was a video post, I recall.

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