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March 24 2010

(SPOILER) For the discussion of a special issue of Angel: Lorne. A tribute to the late Andy Hallett.

The world is in peril (again!), and only the most unlikely member of Angel's entourage is able to save the day. A special book-length tribute to the late Andy Hallett and his character, Lorne, presented by writer-artist John Byrne.

Aside from the more miss than hit art I actually enjoyed this issue. The dialog wasn’t bad and I appreciated that they said this wouldn’t be the last appearance of Lorne, but that they were just going to let the character rest until they could do justice with him. It really brought up memories of Doyle’s sacrifice. I don’t know if that was intended or not. It also includes the Bryan Lynch prose story of Lorne from After the Fall. The pictures and letter in the end from Mark Lutz aka The Groosalugg were touching and a nice heartfelt touch that honored Andy. I’d consider this canon.
I got my copy this afternoon.This really was a love letter to both the character Lorne and Andy.Such a beautiful(temporary) exit for the character and gives great reason why Lorne is not a part of the ongoing Angel series now.In a way,Lorne gets a happy ending.Something rare in Whedon land.And it is touched on that Lorne's murder of Lindsey in NFA is still eating at him.

Angel,Groo,Illyria and Cordy the dragon all play big roles in this story but Lorne is the CENTER literally(read the book and you'll get what I mean).

Spike,Gunn and Kate also make cameos at the very end of the story as they deal with their feelings over the final fate of Lorne.Spike even gets a joke that it won't last as a nod to how this sort of thing always gets undone in the verse.

I think the best way to describe this story is that the door is closed on Lorne....... for now.

And considering my feelings on this sort of thing when Lorne returns(because Chris Ryall even says in the editorial in the back of the book that this is not the final appearance of Lorne as he has said online too.That Lorne will be back one day.),it better be for a really good reason because this was such a great finish for the character and I hate the thought of this being taken away.I think the character earned this.

There is also a very nice tribute from Mark Lutz in the back of the comic with lots of photos of him with Andy and some great behind the scenes pics of Andy.

This one is really worth a pick up.
it is touched on that Lorne's murder of Lindsey in NFA is still eating at him.

This makes me want to read it. I loved that moment in the show, and was really disappointed that ATF didn't do anything with it.

this was such a great finish for the character and I hate the thought of this being taken away.

Heh. This sums up my feelings about the Angel comics in general .... with NFA being the great finish, and the comics kind of taking that away. (I quit reading at the end of ATF, but will probably give this one a shot.)
Somebody please please please tell me that they didn't use the "Lorne got his groove back" thing again.
This truly was a special tribute to Andy and Lorne. A great, fun story with a stellar (semi)ending for Lorne. The extra stuff from Mark Lutz (thoughts about Andy and some great pictures), the notes from Ryall, and the inclusion of Lorne's excellent First Night story really made this touching.

Excellent job from Byrne, Lutz and IDW.

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I suppose that means they did.

I'm not really following the post-AtF IDW line, but I might check this one out.
This was a loving tribute and a solid story to boot. Dare I ask what the problem is with the "Lorne got his groove back" line?
Sounds wonderful! I'll definitely buy it.
Thank you for bringing this to our attention, I will most certainly be picking this up for a further read. Andy Hallett wasn't only a wonderful actor, he was indeed a remarkable person in both spirit and good will. We so miss his presence.
Aww. I loved it.

"Don't cry for me, Transylvania!" Oh, Lord, was that hilarious.

And while I was never the greatest fan of Groo, Mark Lutz's pages at the back were very touching. The anecdote of Andy and Mark on the backlot in green and blue makeup while amused Paramount people strolled by was hysterical.

Lorne leaving the plane to keep the world in harmony was a beautiful exit.

And can I just say that I loved the look of the three creatures? Really fantastic looking, though I don't think it's Byrne's greatest artistry (I preferred the looks of his Angelus/Angel flashback issues art-wise).

R.I.P. Andy. Lorne can now keep on singing!
"Don't cry for me, Transylvania!"

You just made me want it harder!
Another funny moment was Lorne telling Angel that it was for him to essentially be the sacrificial hero, as Angel can't carry a tune. ;) Cute.
Dare I ask what the problem is with the "Lorne got his groove back" line?

I positively hated it; hated that First Night issue. I mightily disliked what they did with Lorne in After the Fall.
Beautiful tribute...
What a beautiful issue. Really really something. Thanks to Ryall,Byrne and Lutz for this. I had tears in my eyes on the last page.

For those posters that dont think IDW care about Angel, its characters or its fans - read this.

R.I.P. Andy
Hmmm.. my comic shop here in Columbus, OH gets Angel books regularly, but they didn't have the Lorne one shot and knew nothing about it. Does anyone know if there was any trouble shipping the issue?
I thought the ending felt a little rushed. But other than that, I thought it was well done. A fitting tribute to both Andy and Lorne. I was particularly moved by Mark Lutz's contribution. It brought a tear to my eye.

So long, Andy. Gone too soon, but your song lives on.
I'm crying now. :(
The art was quite not-good but it was a lovely tribute nonetheless.

R.I.P. Andy.
Overall it was a lovely tribute to Andy. Lorne got a great send off with some stellar lines people have listed above (especially "Don't cry for me, Transylvania!" ) miss him even more with Mark's kind words at the back.
I had forgotten this was coming out, but I've ordered it now through my local comic book store. Andy Hallett was really something special and I'll always remember him with love.
Fantastic, tear jerker of a tribute. Loved it.
Can he return for brief visits?

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