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March 25 2010

John Scalzi - Would you want to live in the world of Serenity? He also discusses Star Wars, Star Trek and The Matrix.

Can agree with his summaries there. Star Trek is obviously the best one to live in. It's all about exploring places in relative comfort and safety, whilst the Federation is pretty much the most idyllic future society you can think of. Technology is so advanced that most injuries are healed up easily and everyone is always very cheery.

Serenity would be fun to live in for a little while, particularly if you were actually on that ship with the crew, but it would be a pretty tough life.
As usual, I'm in total agreement with Scalzi.
Heck, yes! I'll be in Jayne's bunk :-)
I agree with Scalzi (though I disagree about the conversation and the punching ;)): I'd pick the federation as a place to live in, if I could chose. I also certainly wouldn't pick the world of his Old Man's War novels, great though they are (and great though getting a new, überathletic body when you've passed 70, must be :)).
The nagging feeling quip really made me laugh.
Amusing stuff, and spot-on. I too would reject all the options on offer, 'cos gated communities are, in truth, repellent.
I was kinda hoping he'd include Stargate as well, since he's got a stake in Stargate: Universe (a decent show) as a creative consultant. But oh well.

Star Trek doesn't appeal to me for political reasons, but I doubt it would be a *bad* place to live. Maybe I could live on Risa. That'd be nice ;)

Most of these universes provide somewhat sheltered places where one could live in relative peace and free from most forms of government despotism or random zombie-imposed life-stoppage. If I had to choose one, it would be Serenity.

Really, it depends on *where* in the universe, specifically, you'd be living.

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'want' has got nothing to do with it - I'm stuck here whether I like it or not.
So wanna live on a spaceship, as long as it goes to ground frequently of course. :)
They wouldn't let me into the Star Trek universe, but that's okay. I'd rather live in the Firefly 'verse anyway.
Disagree with the Star Trek 'verse being so idyllic. Try boooring.

Count me among the "select few" who would choose the Serenity 'verse. Assuming of course that I could be part of the Serenity crew or live on an outpost world where the evil alliance had little sway, and frequently hitch a ride on Serenity. (Not too much to ask, right?) ;)
I'll take a little danger and hardship over the bland, orderly Star Trek world, any day of the week. Although the re-boot movie made it look a lot more interesting.

But my real choice would be the world of Avatar. Yes, I would love to have a long blue tail and a sentient ride with whom I had a psychic bond, and be at one with the natural world.
Guess I'm just strange. ;)
I would TOTALLY live in the Star Wars universe. It's not ALL mobster-controlled backwater worlds and evil empires. Assuming we're talking expanded universe, there's supposedly 1.3 MILLION PLANETS in the Republic/Empire. I'm SURE there's a few one could live on in relative comfort and safety, while still having access to cool technology and epic mono-environmental planets. And hey, who doesn't want a little danger in their lives?

And again, the Firefly assessment is predicated on only one side of the 'verse, the side we saw, the outlaws and ne'er-do-wells, and distant colony worlds that didn't care for the Alliance. If you're rich, the 'verse is probably a great place to be, and we got surprisingly little look at the "middle class," so that could be fun too. We really didn't see enough of the 'verse to make a judgment call on whether or not it'd be a good place to live. I'd go there, no question.
I would cheerfully live in any of them as long as I got to be the hero. That way I would either a) be invulnerable to real harm, b) would die gloriously for a cause, or c) would die gloriously and then be brought back somehow.

Really, it's all in the terms you set.
Don't answer the Alliance ads for Miranda resettlement. You'll be met with resistance. We didn't all die or go bibbledy.
OTOH, come without Alliance sponsorship and be prepared to farm strawberries -- you'll be welcome.

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