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"This is beyond my ken - and my Barbie - and all my action figures."
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March 25 2010

Don't miss out the Joss Whedon Day at Puzzle Hub! Puzzles about Joss, all day long!

I changed the link to a more permanent URL. The organisers very kindly contacted me to see if I would provide a Whedonesque quiz for the event. But real-life got in the way and I never properly got round to it. So maybe next year. And also kudos to the people who organised today's event.
Great, thanks for the new URL! :)
Oooh, lovin' it! Although... not the M'Fashnik one... But that's cos I suck at Sudokus. LoL.
God that crossword is impossible! Obviously I'm not obsessed enough. Shameful.

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