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March 25 2010

Gina Torres to guest on Warehouse 13. This in addition to Sean Maher and Jewel Staite appearing on the show. Fab news for Firefly fans.

Just another reason why I need to check this show out.
Has anyone kept up with W13? I watched half of the pilot episode and wasn't too impressed (fell asleep, which is why I never finished the second half). I'm in the market for a new show, should I consider this one?
I haven't seen it but it does seem to be developing a following.
It's fun. The only out-and-out bad episode I think was episode 4, and that was because of the villain. I don't think I knew what truly bad acting was until I saw that guy.
It IS fun.
Give it a shot if you never got started.
Give it another shot if you gave up early.
I love the slightly steampunk vibe in the WH itself.
The characters are blending well.
Waiting for July!
Yea, this is not Sci Fi in the sense of serious, thought provoking television. This is more of the SG1 mold: it knows what it is, what it's trying to be, and how to have fun with that.

If you want serious drama, I'd look elsewhere. But I like it for what it is. Interesting that I like this Jane Espenson created but not involved show more than I like Caprica which Jane actually is involved with.
W13 is entertaining, but not all that serious. And yeah, there's a neat little steampunk vibe it that's incredibly rare on TV. I was skeptical at first, but the show has turned out very good (as opposed to other sci-fi fare like Sanctuary, which has been lousy). Syfy has been pretty good about drawing guest stars from popular sci-fi TV ranks (such as Eureka, another entertaining Syfy series).
I enjoy W13, it is a lot like the old 'Friday the 13th/cursed object' show... silly but fun. They have some wonderful character actors on the show, and with our BDHs joining in it can only get better!
It's like a silly version of Mulder and Scully are working in the "Raiders of the Lost Ark" warehouse's end, or the Eureka's basement. But the character of Claudia is good surprise.

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