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March 25 2010

Official site for Buffy/Angel composer Christophe Beck launches. Sound clips, news, and more.

Emmy winning composer from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", and some episodes of "Angel", Christophe Beck, now has his own official website. There are plenty of clips from almost every film, and many (but not all) TV series he has worked on, including one from "Angel", and some (all previously released) from Buffy.

Sweet. Close Your Eyes was a fantastic score.
Sacrifice (from 'The Gift'), Suite from 'Restless' and Suite from 'Hush' has always taken me to the good place. Beautiful songs by an extremely talentful artist. The music brings back so many memories!
Close Your Eyes and Dreaming Of... are my favorites by a large margin. Close Your Eyes, IMO, is Beck's ultimate career highlight.

Only Kral's Dreaming Of Darla and the creepy piano music that is always heard behind stalker-Wesley, nursery-Drusilla and evil-Cordy come close.

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So many memories . . .
Christophe Beck is a legend.

'Nuff said.
I have over 3 hours of music, under the title "Instrumental Buffy," from Seasons 2 onward, and the vast majority is, of course, Christophe Beck's. I have to say I love "Magic Snow Music" and "Class Protector." And Anthony Head's vocalizing in "Remembering Jenny" is so very haunting.

Hmm. Interesting. I wonder why his official site & Ian's "Blunt Instrument" both say that the "remix" of "Sacrifice" is from "The Gift"? It's not - it's the alternate version heard in "Bargaining, Part 2."

For those curious, the other two composers I have music from are Douglas Romayne (nee Stevens) and Robert Duncan - Douglas came aboard in Season Six (He did a demo called "Broken Yellow Crayon," for Xander & Willow in "Grave," which got him the position) and did some music in Season Seven ("Lessons," "Same Time, Same Place" and "Mrs." from "Selfless") and then went on to score for Season Five of "Angel." Robert Duncan is probably best known to "Buffy" fans for the stirring "Final Battle" sequence from "Chosen."

Thomas Wanker also did some music for Season Six, but nothing is available online.

Walter Murphy (no relation) did the music for Season One of "Buffy," and Christophe Beck started in Season Two, although he did not become the full-time composer until Season Three. Shawn K. Clement & Sean Murray, and Adam Fields also did music in Season Two.

I have several exclusive tracks from Douglas Romayne (I contacted him back when someone linked here to his site), including his demo and the full version of "Mrs." (The version that's floating around online has Xander mumbling in his sleep.)
How delightful! Bookmarked.
FINALLY!!! The season 7 score is my favourite instrumental peice of all time. LOVE IT.
I agree with Simon and NileQT87, Close Your Eyes has got to be one of the most moving pieces of the entire Buffy score. I do love Loneliness of Six, Remembering Jenny and Sacrifice though. Heck, I love them all.

Christophe Beck is pure genius.
I've been a huge fan of Christophe's composing for quite some time. His work on the film Confidence is especially unique and creative. Every so often, I find myself revisiting his scores for Buffy and being so moved and affected by the music, it makes me want to revisit the relevant episodes.

I think Restless is some of his best work. "Chain of Ancients" is particularly haunting, and I was so happy to finally have "A Really Big Sandbox". Now if I could just get my hands on the music from Xander and Joyce's scene outside her room, the collection would be complete.

Alternatively, I fondly remember Thomas Wanker's powerful music at the end of Smashed. Too bad it's not available outside of the episode. :(
Actually, Wanker also did season 5, sans "The Gift" -- when Beck returned. Beck also came back (though he was hired in advance of his leaving ,as I recall) for the few little cues in the Season 6 musical.

The score cues by Duncan, should still be online at his site though you'll have to Google for them as the site is still under re-design. DRS's cues should all still be on his management's website.

I have a "Film Music" promo of Murphy with a few cues from BTVS on it.

Fields did one episode. Appearently he was originally hired, but I guess it didn't work out. He's not sure how much of his score is still in the episode.

I have a promo by Clement with some BTVS cues, and I think some of them are also available for listening on his site. There is a promo (I don't have it) by Murray, with some BTVS cues on it.

Interesting note: Beck suggested Danny Lux as a replacement for him when he left the series. Would have been an interesting try.

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