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March 25 2010

Nathan makes another top 25 list. Those offended by crude language are warned. ETA: Christina Hendricks and David Boreanaz also appear.

Yay. I love Zooey Deschanel.

Robert Downey Jr. is number two for guys!? Eww.
What a pleasant and not at all weird blog entry. ;)
It is difficult to find sexy shots of men where they donít look like complete douchebags.

Speaking as someone who works in the tech behind the camera in the fashion industry, It is sad how true this is.

I have that poster of Johnny. :P Eehee. Of course, forgive me, I got it in HS which was 6 years ago.

I love that David makes the list as well.

And of course, our captain. You know, I especially like his look from the first few episodes of Castle, with the scruffy beard. I want to know what happened to the scruffy beard.
The guy seems like a total D-Bag the way he talks about stuff. even though he is Kirk from gilmore girl's brother. But very glad about David & Nathan.

Agreed about Robert Downey, barf
Robert Downey Jr is supremely effable. And James Gunn is effing brilliant. Use the power of the google. Kids these days. Sheesh!
I'd probably swap Jensen and RDJ, but, other than that... "hit the nail right on the head" for the guys list.
This is Eric said:
"Robert Downey Jr. is number two for guys!?"

For a second, before reading the poll/link, I thought by that line, you meant that dudes had voted for dudes (which some probably did, 'cause unless the registration at James Gunn's site makes destinctions between gender, I have no doubt some women voted in the celebrity women poll and some dudes voted in the famous dude poll). But Gunn's written it from a straight perspective, so.

Robert Downey Jr. is funny, a great actor, and remains pretty hot, IMO, so toss another one into the ballot box. Don't think he'd be #2 on my list, perhaps not even in the Top 10, but he's no slouch in the looks department.

I could go on, like I do, but just not in the mood for too much shallow at the moment, before bed. Fun article though ! Gunn doesn't seem like a douchebag, this was obviously a little tongue in cheek and, on top of that, folks are entitled to say whatever they want about how public figures look, it's not uncommon or strange or particularly wrong-headed or malicious (in this case, at least), IMO. All in good fun.

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Oh right, David was on there too wasn't he? Silly me. And Christina Hendricks! Boy, I'm bad at this. :P
Nice (?) to see three Whedonites make those lists. That picture of Christina is...umm...interesting. Broken down trailer, crashed airplane, and she's in a black (velvet?) cocktail dress? Ok then.

Obi-Wan, Arthur Castus & Captain Jack Sparrow. Interesting crowd. (And I'm fairly clueless on most of the other people on those lists.)
Yay for Nathan and David! I agree with most of the list up until #5 onwards. Except for my Captain, of course. Love that Johnny also made the list :)
McGregor, Depp, Somerhalder, Worthington and the big missed on the list Charlie Hunnam. But yay for whedonites
I'm just entertained by the fact Nathan is number one

(oh and that Misha Collins is placed higher than Jensen because that amuses me for some unknown reason)
See, I read the comment about it being difficult to find shots of men that don't look like douchebags, and all I can think is that it seems almost impossible to find shots that represent women where they keep the majority of their clothes on.

Is it just me or does it seem like such a double standard?

Still, yay for Nathan being numero uno.
Bit of trivia: James Gunn is a friend of Joss, and the reason for Charles Gunn's last name. Also, I think I read somewhere that James and Joss wrote a pilot together at some point. Or at least a pitch. Also, one of James's books can be seen in the background in Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.
Yep. Zooey Deschanel. I'd watch anything with her in it for purely shallow reasons (and because usually, but not always - I'm looking at you 'The Happening' - she manages to make stuff better by being in it, but that's not really in the spirit of this list, is it? So scratch that: it's just because I actually want to eff her ;)).
James Gunn

Sean Gunn, who played Kirk on Gilmore Girls.

Oh, wait...was that a joke? I'm so bad at this game.
See, I read the comment about it being difficult to find shots of men that don't look like douchebags, and all I can think is that it seems almost impossible to find shots that represent women where they keep the majority of their clothes on.

Is it just me or does it seem like such a double standard?

Infact it's a literal double standard, although, interestingly enough, the root cause for it isn't sexism per se. Men tend to get douched and women tend to get nudified because, barring a sufficient level of artistry on the production side, those are the easiest (and least tasteful) ways of producing a photo that, at least initially, grabs the general public's attention. The mark of good fashion photography is when men look cool and sexy (without the douche factor) and women look cool and sexy (without excessive nudity) both of which are much harder to do, but infinitely more rewarding, interesting, and tasteful.
Only coincidence that when I clicked to read the comments, that the quote at the top was "Hello, salty goodness!"?

Only 6 effable guys on my list, but hoo boy! Those six. And Eric, Robert Downey, Jr. is totally one of them.
When he ran through Amanda Seyfried and Jessica Alba in the first ten, and then started listing out the likes of Jessica Biel, I got worried. But then he hit a perfect stretch with Ms. Portman, Ms. Bell, Ms. Dawson, and Ms. Kunis.

Add Eliza to that list and this straight boy is happy.
on the men's list, i'll take one #14 and one #8 to go.

I Can't judge the women's list. They are all pretty. Where's Sarah?

Now the men are more my cup of tea. Nathan is indeed deserving.He is just the right mix of incredible good looks and an endearing boyish sense of humor. Some of the men are just pretty, but Nathan is a complete package.

I think David B. is another great choice. He has some of the same qualities we see in Nathan. The crazy thing is that, and I never really quite understood this about myself, I find that I could walk away from David without a second thought, but I am absolutely smitten with Angel who could "bite" me any time, any place. Weird.
@Del I am assuming by "any place" that you mean a geographical location?
Wow, do I live in a box? I don't know who most of the people on either list are.

The guy photos are pretty douchey (and the women photos are pretty nudie) but I like Nathan's smirky head-shot and Robert Downey's shirtless badass look. And Robert Downey Jr. is VERY effable, you mad "ew"-sayers! Evidence: it's almost impossible to make him look like a douche, even in a stupid cheesy photo like that. He still looks awesome, because he looks like Robert Downey Jr.

The Christina Hendricks photo is very weird, but kind of cool, and plus, it has Christina Hendricks in it, which is always a plus. It's a sign of her unmissable hotness that a bikini is totally unnecessary. But yeah, Eliza Dushku is missing on that list.

*starts to make own effable list, then realizes there are at least ten other equally inane things should be doing with time, and so makes list of inane things to do instead*
Another Joss/James connection - Joss also wrote the introduction for James' novel "The Toy Collector". Which I think may be getting reissued next month.
Yays! Nathan wins!
I'm not the only one who finds Ellen Page really hot... Good. (And yes I'm definetly young enough for it to not be creepy.)
Kristen Bell, Christina Hendricks, and no Megan Fox. It's not a perfect list, but I can live with it.
I used to really enjoy Gunn's stuff, but it doesn't seem so funny now after his little shit-fit about the Huffington Post blog criticizing his PG Porn episode where the joke was a woman getting a nail to the head. If you're going to put edgy projects out there, you have to expect that not everyone will receive your work the way you intend. It's a shame because the woman who wrote the post is involved in the adult film industry and was obviously interested in having a thoughtful discussion about the project and the point that Gunn was trying to make. Gunn's and his brother's response to her on the HuffPo and on Gunn's own blog with "the angle of your headshot can't hide the fact that you're fat" wasn't intelligent or funny in any way. It was just a dick move.
James Gunn is one of the more consistently amusing and approachable celebs on the 'net, in my opinion. He did a great job with almost no budget on "Slither," and I like Nathan as Bill Pardy better than any of his roles save Mal. But he seems to have no semblance of the self-censorship gene. Nothing is off the table with him. An acquired taste, but addictive for many.

And yeah, Eliza would be at or near the top of my list. Otherwise, suprizingly good. Once in a while, democracy works.
Oh yeah, I remember that Brewbunny! I thought pg porn was kind of funny (though once you've got the joke once you don't really need to see more) and the article on Huffpo did seem pretty humorless and off-base to me, but I remember being really icked out by his nasty, petulant response to it. I'm fine with the "nothing off the table" thing, but mean people suck.
Love that Misha Collins is on the list (and so high)! A few of the people seem strangely out of place for Gunn fans to include, but overall I think I liked these lists far better than most of the others I see.
I was going to ding Jimmy for having more women than men finalists, but I was more perturbed by how many very young men were on the list so I "complained" about that instead over at his web site. My choice was Viggo Mortensen. Apparently, I'm the only woman whose heart and other body parts he makes go Ziiiing!. After Viggo, my choice would be Josh Holloway. I've given up my dream of marrying Nathan because he betrayed me by offering himself to Sandra Bullock on Twitter. Ah, well. Viggo, call me!
"When he ran through Amanda Seyfried and Jessica Alba in the first ten, and then started listing out the likes of Jessica Biel"

Yeahbuhwha? Alba is also hot (at least when she's not blonde), but Jess Biel is the hottest of the celeb Jessicas, man! She so deserves to be on this list!

In fact, while I can think of three-five people I could add, I have no objections to this list (including the lack of Beyonce, Gunner-man). As for the men: good for Nathan, and David, too, but I have no clue about other men. As far as I knew growing up, Billy Joel was attractive, and I still don't see how I'm not better looking than James Vanderbeek (at least Dawson-era; what I've glimpsed of him on Mercy, he may have aged well).

ETA: Not technically objections, but there are a few people on this list I've never heard of - in particular, who's this Isla Fisher? Looking at this list again, I might actually remove two or three in favor of those 3-5 missed.

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I just looked at that list, it is very good,on both sides.
Ms Bell, Page,Alba and many more in the women's side, and Nathan as Number One! and RDJ definitely deserves the second spot.
there's ad disturbing lack of Tennant in my opinion but it is a pretty good list

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