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March 26 2010

Alan Tudyk: Legend in the making. "For the Great Unwashed, heís a classic know-the-face-but-canít-quite-place-him. So, heís That Guy." The blog talks about Alan being one of the next titans of supporting actordom, the likes of Harry Dean Stanton and M. Emmet Walsh.

the first time i saw tudyk, i learned his name.

it is a mission of mine to spread the gospel. (them: "you know, that guy who tells her to tighten back..." me, interrupting: "alan tudyk. that's his name. alan tudyk. got it?")
I think he can make a bigger name than that for himself... I'm hoping he'll become the next Peter Sellers... eventually.
Excellent column. There's also Tudyk's brief but memorable work in the remake of 3:10 to Yuma. I agree with the writer's points, but I think Mr. Tudyk would be good in leading roles if given the opportunity. I would like to see his Hamlet. When Bruce Willis was the costar of Moonlighting, would anyone have imagined him as a big box office action hero?
I'd like to see him given the chance for a leading role, but as an actor someone who occasionally acts I find supporting character work much more fun with a lot more freedom. So many leading roles are the more generic, everyone can relate to them types. Villains and wacky sidekicks are the roles where you get to let loose and be very creative in your take.
Ooh, Alan Tudyk would be an awesome Hamlet. I would love to see that.
ah, I'd rather see him naked again. He was the best thing in "Death at a Funeral."

I first saw him as Wash and he will always be Wash to me.
I think he's leading man material.

And you'll be happy to know that I've finally come to terms with Ben being Glory...but I still have a hard time believing Pirate Steve is Alpha!
I'm still laughing about "The great un-Washed" pun! And I will watch him in anything, even as a pedophile on CSI and in that DVR commercial...
I first saw Alan in A Knight's Tale and his wacky performance has been memorable ever since, although, I'll admit, I recognised him by face and not by name at the time. I'm glad that he's becoming increasingly appreciated for his work; he's exceptionally talented and is able to display a broad acting range. Wash will always be my favourite role though :)

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