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"If I ate your head, two thirdsss of your agents would praise me in poems and sssong."
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November 15 2003

ASH : Pirate picture

Prefer him in Giles

Wow... he is the very model of the modern Major General. ;|
Um, no...However he is the Pirate King!
God, that looks brutal.
Well had Giles actually been the First in season 7, thats the look Joss should have gone for.
Interesting... though he does have this smarmy, Bruce Campbell look to him which is pretty neat.
I seriously hope he does not plan to keep that... thing that could possibly be called a goatee on his chin. But... mmm! eyeliner! More a la Johnny Depp please.
That squirrel on his chin just emphasises that he does have a really big jaw.

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