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March 26 2010

Trucker will be part of Roger Ebert's Overlooked Film Festival. Nathan's co-starring turn is part of Roger Ebert's festival of film he feels got a short shrift when released.

From Ebert's review. "he supporting performances by Nathan Fillion..(is) precisely what is needed: direct, open, no "acting," good tone control...real people, with no illusions about life.

Wow, after reading this article, l am dying to see this movie. lt looks very promising the reviews were top notch and thought provoking.
I loved that movie! Glad he's trying to get it some recognition that it deserves!
'Trucker' was fantastic. Nathan was great in it--very real--but beyond even that, the story was well written and moving. I'm glad it's getting more mention.
Of course two years after I leave Champaign-Urbana, IL Nathan has a movie in the film festival. Well, congrats to him!!
You were in Champaign-Urbana two years ago? I was there four years ago! Woo, Illinois. :)
I really liked this movie a lot and hope that it eventually gets the attention it deserves.

And on a tangent, how awesome is Roger Ebert and the second act that he's embarked on after his cancer?

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