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March 26 2010

(SPOILER) Buffy Zone update at Dark Horse. Jane Espenson writing the Riley one-shot.

Joss is currently on the Buffy #37 script.

Don't think this needs a spoiler tag does it?
I put a spoiler tag because it goes a little into what is in the Riley One-Shot including an element I wasn't expecting.But you can remove the spoiler tag if you want or if you want me to.I tend to play it safe now after one time playing loose and accidentally spoiling someone who wouldn't of followed a link if they had known that there was something in there that I didn't think was spoilery but they obviously did.

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"Sorry about July" I can understand but what about June?! Two months without a Buffy book falls under Cruel and Unusual
I see they are interested in quickly bringing the story to a close...
Quickly? Why? It's always been 40 issues...

Also, I'm thrilled that there's going to be a Riley one-shot. I couldn't believe they were going to breeze over that, so I'm grateful for this decision. Riley has been very significant to the plot, so we need that backstory.

What I'm not thrilled about, however, is that Jane is writing it. Now, I love Jane. She's a brilliant writer. But if #21 and most of the Retreat arc showed anything, it was that Jane Espenson's writing does *not* translate well into comics. I hope this doesn't break the kick-ass streak the Buffy comics have been having since the Willow one-shot.
I thought her Reunion and Jonathan one-shots were good. Both still available to read for free at the BBC Buffy site.
Jane Espenson is writing the Riley one-shot?

Gotta say I'm with patxshand, I haven't been thrilled with most of Jane's writing at all. I'm really happy we're getting a Riley one-shot (and that it sheds more like on Angel's scheme) but I would have preferred somebody else to be writing this.

I hope she knocks it out of the park and proves me wrong though! And yay for Karl Moline doing the art!

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I'm looking forward to this--I like the way Jane writes Riley. ("The Replacement," I'm looking at you--while a very good Xander episode, it also contains many of my favourite Riley moments. And she also wrote the immortal "plural of Apocalypse" line in "A New Man," unless that was Joss/Marti/whoever.) Mostly I was worried that Doug would be writing it--I think Petrie is an incredible writer, but he has a bit of a blind spot when it comes to Riley.

I quite liked "Harmonic Divergence" and some of "Retreat," though I think Jane let the plot get away from her in the latter. I'm assuming the Riley issue will be on a smaller scale.

I think Dana is being sarcastic about "quickly," referring to the long wait between #35 and #36--am I right?
Riley one-shot is an interesting choice, but I love one-shots as a rule and I can't wait.
Very happy Jane Espenson is writing the one shot, have enjoyed her contributions so far.
Ms. Jane has had kind things to say about Reilly. In "Superstar," she had him express his faith in Buffy even in the topsy-turvy world where she was out-shined by Jonathan. IIRC, she said it was to show that there was a good reason for Reilly to be Buffy's boyfriend--he believed in her, recognized and appreciated her strengths. So if anyone is going to bare the beating heart of the nice midwestern Irish boy, it is she. Although I hope she doesn't use that metaphor.
I'm kinda apprehensive about Espenson on writing duties again for S8, since most of her contributions thus far have fallen in the middling category. The only Espenson penned issue that I've thoroughly enjoyed is #28. Other than that, she's kinda blown it.
But since she's writing the Riley one-shot regardless, I really hope she knocks is out.
The most recent one-shots have been from Joss, and he gets it. I hope Jane gets it too...
Riley is Irish? I thought he was Iowan. (Irish in the Buffy verse makes me think of Angel-Liam's slightly sketchy accent.)

I personally loved Espenson's work in general-- including the Tales of the Slayers/Vampires bits before comics became honest continuity-- it's just all the season eight stuff seems inconsequential even if there are these massive random shifts in status quo.

I'm curious about all the character oriented stuff, particularly since last we saw Riley on the show he was married to another woman. I assume they have to at least acknowledge and explain that.... Presumably it'd be good to have a full on issue to lay out what's been going on with one character's life.
I cannot wait to see the new Serenity comics coming out, especially The Shepard's tale book. November seems so far away. The Riley comic should be a fun break before the season finale.

I'm glad they're giving us something in the gap, and have faith in Jane - just as I had faith that Riles was a double agent - to be able to pull it off nicely.
So torn between loving Jane and not giving a beep about Riley.

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