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March 26 2010

Buffy meets Lost. Does the Island seal up another Hellmouth?

Bonus: Buffy-style opening credits.

UPDATE: Per floofypooh in the comments, TWoP also picked up on the similarities to BtVS.

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I keep hoping actually, that the Devil, God, Purgatory, Hell themes are misnomers and misdirection so that we are truly surprised by the finale (but how great, how great was Nestor Carbonell this week. Oh my, what a treat that was). I got a tad spoiled by something I read the other day, no specifics, but the war theme mentioned at the link, because of the mention of Titus Welliver's character on Supernatural, does make me wonder. In any case, I believe there will be casualties and we'll all be weeping into our cornflakes at some point or other in these last episodes.

That said, the Lost video with Buffy's theme music was freaking great!

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I keep saying MIB is the First. :)
Nestor Carbonell really was fantastic in this week's episode. He seemed nothing like the Richard we've known so far. It was one of the best episodes of the series, IMO.

Great opening credits, btw!
That is so awesome!
I instantly thought this when I saw Wednesday night's episode. So glad its not all in my head, lol.
I thought this has been linked here before, and it was! The Lost/Buffy opening was very awesome though. One of the best of them I've seen.
Ehhhh, i'm thinking evil = electromagnetism. But i'm also on Team MIB. The producers are continually stating that Jacob might not be telling the truth. So I sure hope MIB isn't the First. I would feel so bad. :P
I'm hoping Jacob and Smokey both end up being evil, and the humans realize this in time to band together against the gods or supernaturals or whatever they are. Smokey has killed a lot of people outright, and Jacob has caused the deaths of a lot of innocent bystanders by bringing them to the island.

I doubt it will play out that way, but I'd hate it if they tried to pass Jacob off as the "good guy" when he's been such a manipulative jerk the whole series.
It was a very good episode. Best bit of telly I've seen in months.
Dead link. :(
I was hoping to watch it.

NVM, it's just my browser. Link ok.

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The TWoP recapper also noticed the Buffy connection .
Most importantly, we learned the importance of Craphole Island. Buffy fans may have seen some (close your eyes) parallels to Becoming, I Only Have Eyes for You, and, of course, the Hellmouth. I'll hit those in the recap, too.

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