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March 27 2010

Nathan Fillion's Birthday is today! He turns 39 today. Happy birthday Captain!

Happy Birthday Nathan! Best wishes :)

I hope you aim to misbehave ;p
B-Day congratulations Nathan.
Wishing you all the best, Cap'n.
39 years on earth! Congratulations... Sir!
Happy Birthday! Hooray!
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday, Captain Tightpants!
I love my Captain...Happy Birthday!!!
Nathan, hope you have a great...guess just good...well, all right birthday. Thanks for all of your great work!
Here's to another great year, Mr. Fillion! Castle shall be starting in the UK in a couple of weeks and I couldn't be more excited to have you on my screen on a weekly basis.

Happy Birthday!
Happy to be sharing a birthday with Nathan. Happy birthday!
Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Nathan Fillion! Happy Birthday to you!

Here is his twitter

Here is his myspace
Many happy returns of the day!
Happy Birthday, Captain Fillion!
Happy Birthday Captain. Hope you're ready for some weird stuff.
May you have your Happiest Birthday yet, Nathan! 39 is the new 19! I'm wishing you every blessing God has to give on your special day today, and every day! Kcat10
I hope the dear Captain has a most amazing birthday!!
...and many happy reruns!!
Happy Birthday! **feed the birds**
This a good day.
Happy happy birthday Mr. Fillion!!
Happy Birthday to everyone's favorite Captain Tightpants.
He really is ruggedly handsome.

Wishing Nathan the most enjoyable day celebrating his birth possible in the 'verse.

Or words to that effect.
Old fart.


*feed the birds!*
Happy birthday, Cap!
Belated Happy Birthday! Just over two months younger than me. Nice to know us "old" guys can still have fun.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I love my Captain!
Happy bday cap..I'm actually wearing his Captain Hammer T-shirt right now and its freaking out all the primary kids i teach for pe. He, he, he.

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