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March 27 2010

Dollhouse S1 and Firefly on Netflix Watch Instantly in April. Joining Netflix's previously announced streaming of Buffy and Angel.

Slightly OT, but any word yet on Dollhouse S2 DVD?
Slightly OT, but any word yet on Dollhouse S2 DVD?

Nothing yet, but you can go to Amazon's page for Dollhouse season two to sign up to be notified as soon as it becomes available for preorder. I did this a while ago because have to have it as soon as possible. :D

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And also keep an eye on @FoxHomeEnt on Twitter, who no doubt will tweet about it.

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Since Fox never released DVD sets for "The Inside" or for "Drive", I am concerned that they might do the same to Dollhouse season 2. Here's hoping that we do get the DVD set! (And yes, I've already signed up on Amazon.)
MissKittysMom, the difference is Dollhouse was a full run and a two season show whereas those two shows didn't air very long at all (unfortunately).
It should also be noted that supplemental material has already been shot and recorded for Dollhouse S2 on DVD. Fox wouldn't go to the trouble and spend the money for that if they weren't planning on putting that out. Additionally, season 1 already exists on DVD and has done very well for itself in sales, so they're almost certain to release season 2 on DVD. It's just a matter of time. My guess? We'll probably get an announcement any day now, most likely in May, and the set could be out by the summer time, or as late as September.
And Fox has made it clear they're a little intimidated by Whedon fans. I don't think they want to anger us again.
When did they say that?
Season 2 is being released. The only thing that hasn't been decided is the exact date and that is why you haven't heard an announcement. No need to picnic. And that other thing is just funny. :)
@FoxHomeEnt says you'll have to wait until Comic-Con for the news on the Dollhouse S2 DVD.
Simon, I assume it's a reference to the comments about Dollhouse fans made when it was renewed for season two. But since they were not entirely serious and were made by a different FOX company, not especially relevant.
@FoxHomeEnt says you'll have to wait until Comic-Con for the news on the Dollhouse S2 DVD.

Oh god no. The last Dollhouse DVD event at Comic Con was not a swimming success.
Well, they did specifically tweet that it will be news, not a release. (They do this in a way that certainly leaves room for there to be a release as well, but right now it's set up to just be news.)
Maybe this means that they're planning on shooting something at the con and putting it on the DVD? :)

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