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March 27 2010

Nicholas Brendon meet and greet in Columbus, OH! On May 1st, Packrat comics in Columbus, OH will be having a meet and greet with none other than Nicholas Brendon! He will be on hand to sign autographs and take pictures as a part of their Free Comic Book Day event. Click the link for more details.

It's just a short road trip for me, so all plans for that day have been cancelled so I can meet the Xan-Man. :)
That's right around the corner from where I used to live! Too bad I moved 500 miles away.
YES!!! I live in Cincinnati so it's a lil' hard for me to go to ComicCon's and such. But, this is awesome! I'm so there! Can't wait!!!
AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Something I can go to!! Will be the first time I'll be able to meet someone from the Whedonverse!! Freaking out now!!!! :D
I'm right there with ya, SlayerOf...I'm making the trek from Cincinnati (well, No.KY) as well. This will also be my first meeting with someone from the Whedonverse, unless you count Tony Todd (he was in an episode of Angel). But this is a Scooby!
Hey all... I think this is more of a signing then a "meet n greet"- just wanted to mention that so people aren't disappointed if they only get a minute or two... still... lots of fun! Free Comic Day! & Nicky! Yay!
That's what I figured mr.mole1. I've never done the "meet and greet" thing...would cost a little more $ I presume.
Nothing bad happened after the run in with the police? :/ I thought he got in trouble not that long ago.

It's within 3 hours of me, I think.
Sounds like community service...
I wish I could meet him, but I'm so far away.
@MattManic7325 You're so funny I forgot to laugh...
Wow something for us boring Ohioans to be excited about! I think I will have to go to this.
Definitely close enough to justify me road tripping. I love FCBD.
PS -

THIS WAS AMAZING. :) nicest guy on the planet. Best meeting of a celeb i have ever had. And I would ALWAYS go Meet & Greet route with him, regardless of the 80 bucks it cost it was WAAAAYYY WORTH IT. He spoke about everything you could image and some you couldn't. I am very lucky.

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