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November 14 2003

Orange County blues A Jesuit priest who likes Buffy, but not so much the OC

My kinda Priest!!

Link doesn't work - it's from within your hotmail frame.
I found the relevant link and changed it accordingly.
Heh, you have more patience than I do this morning.
Golden Girls is on the telly right now, it's inspiring me. No sign of Tom Whedon on the credits though *sips more coffee*.
i don't know simon, you might be seeing old episodes or something b/c i've been paying attention and whedon's name has been showing up.
Interesting article. I always find it refreshing to hear of a priest or another religious person with a mind open enough to see the value in something like Buffy. I wonder if he's aware of Joss' being an atheist.

The point is of course that in something of value and well-written like these shows, is that many different types of people manage to see their own values in it, regardless of their convictions.

I also happen to agree with Mr O'Malley (sorry I call no one 'father' without a blood test) on the OC. Too pretty, too teeny-boppery, too obvious.
The best dialogue being written for TV right now is on the O.C. That bone-head priest picked a line that Summer, the Cordelia circa BtVS season 1 & 2, character on the show spoke. It was supposed to sound dumb!
I can even give you a run down of who every O.C. character is based on:
Ryan is Angel, hunky, inarticulate, insane violence boiling just under the surface.
Marissa is Buffy, shallow but smart, looking for something more. Also parents just split up so she's in a single parent household and also has a single sibling who is a "little sister"
Seth is Zander, just watch the show, I don't even need to explain it.
The Girl from Pittsburgh(who's name I can't remember) is pre-gay, still in love with Zander, Willow.
Check out this show, it's fantastic and is going to be a mega-hit for Fox.
Uhm, okay but that hardly sounds great. So all characters and their relationships are lifted from 'Buffy'? Doesn't sound fantastic, sounds like a cheap rip-off.
As a practicing Catholic, I have to say I'm in pretty much total agreement with Father John. My wife and I think that Buffy is, as I think I've said other times on this site, the most profoundly moral thing we've ever seen on television, regardless of Joss's atheism.
I forgot that the O.C. comes on opposite Angel (I watch Angel wednesday then Tivo the O.C. for Saturday) so it could cause Angel to be cancelled which I don't want. I'm hoping that they will permanently put the O.C. on Thursdays. The fact remains that whoever it is who's guiding The O.C. has learned every trick of Joss Whedon's and by taking out the supernatural element they've moved the formula into the mainstream. I've actually got a half dozen of my co-workers hooked on the show and none of them would watch Buffy because it was a "genre" show.

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