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March 28 2010

Mark Lutz's tribute to Andy Hallett. As seen in this week's Angel: Lorne comic book.

I'm not on MS and can't comment directly, but that is EXACTLY how I remember Andy.

I was just a fan and met him at a few cons and he was so NICE, complimenting outfits and laughing at questions/people. I was lucky enough to catch him a few times at the' Brass Monkey'- I once coerced him to be the Elton to my Kiki, and I'll treasure the memory forever.

Andy always had a hug for you if he knew your face, and a hug even if he didn't, and I still miss him constantly.

On March 29th I plan to wear green, sing a little, and drink a seabreeze in his honour. I hope some of you can, too-
The first convention I went to (and I still have not gone to many) was because a combination of 3 very interesting performers were supposed to be there. One of them was Andy Hallett. I could not really afford the money, but I justified it because AH, James Marsters and ASH were the actors that most intrigued me in the whedonverse at the time, and they were all supposed to be there. Unfortunately, that was the time AH had to cancel because he was in the hospital. It was the first I think any of us heard he was sick and everyone was extremely concerned for him. There was a lot of talk that weekend about how wonderful he was, as there has always been whenever his name has come up. I never did meet him, which I regret, because I have no doubt from the videos and the testimonials that he was an amazing person.
There are some great people who leave this realm before their time. Andy was one of them. The inspiration behind Lorne may have come from Joss, but the rest of the character was all Andy.
Lovely tribute from Mark Lutz.
Andy Hallett was an amazing singer, actor, and, though I have no first hand experience in the matter, an amazing person.

That was a truly wonderful, as well as touching, tribute.
Beautifully expressed and moving tribute to Andy, who will never be forgotten.
I'll be having a sea breeze too. Thank you Andy for giving us all such a wonderful performance, and reaching out to all those you did.
A beautiful piece wonderfully written by Mark Lutz.
That was a very touching, and humorous, tribute.

One of the things that will always stick with me from meeting Andy at Motor City Buffy, besides the wonderful hug, Andy wearing his T-shirt inside out, and the deep conversation we got into regarding slash fic, will be the image of him settling onto the stool during Saturday's Q&A, bottle of Coke in one hand, a glass and something white in the other.

According to Andy, he'd just sat down @the bar in the lounge and ordered his drink when the emcee came to get him for the Q&A. He grabbed what he thought was a napkin lying on the bar, and it wasn't until he was waiting in the green room for Adam Busch, Amber Benson & Danny Strong to finish that he realized it wasn't.

The something white turned out to be a latex glove.

I have a wonderful picture of him holding up the glove & looking at it with a perplexed look on his face.

I had only seen a handful of episodes of "Angel" by then, and not even full episodes, because I wasn't able to get WB to come in crystal clear, but I really liked Lorne. I wrote him into a "Buffy" fic I'd set after the Fall of Sunnydale, and he played an integral part. I told Andy about it @the convention, and he said it sounded wonderful & he wanted to read it. However, he didn't want to borrow it, because he was such a slow reader, so on Sunday he gave me his address. It wasn't until I got the transcript back in the mail that I realized he'd goofed up the address. Oh well.

Andy was hilarious, very sweet and warm, making you feel like you'd known him for years even if you'd only just met him that weekend. On Sunday, as the guests were waiting for their flights to leave, my roommates & I ran into him in the sports bar, and we hung out with him for quite a while, talking and laughing like old friends. His hug was very genuine, just like Andy. I'm so glad I had the chance to meet him, and will never forget that weekend.

His passing is doubly bittersweet for me - he died a day after my uncle killed himself when the tractor he was using to pull down an old shed flipped.
Reposting Tim Minear's tribute montage for those who may have missed it last year. This video is listed as public so even if you're not Facebook friends with Tim Minear, you can still access this nostalgic, at times funny, bittersweet tribute to Andy.!/video/video.php?v=66735921724

I sadly had never even heard of Andy Hallett (more's the pity!) until I read a year ago on Whedonesque about his passing. Since then I have steadily been progressing through AtS, just watched the Las Vegas ep. last week, and his character Lorne grows ever more dear. I cannot imagine the loss felt by his family and those who knew him personally. Mark Lutz' tribute is beautiful.

I'll be wearing green tomorrow/today (depending on time zone!).

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A moving tribute. Andy will forever live on as Lorne in my heart.
It's pretty lovely, what Mark Lutz says here. It's sad to see someone go before his time, especially someone who sounds so lovely and funny. At least we the fans have his years on Angel (and the singing!), and his friends have their memories.
Yep, I've got a picture of Andy up on my office door today - and I sang a little with my Walkman on the way to work: Il Divo. I think he would have approved.
I cried when Andy died. I met him at a show once and he was, as everyone else has said, vibrant and full of life. Its hard for me to picture him not smiling.

I can't believe its a year either.

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