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March 28 2010

2010 Can't Stop the Serenity Charity events has 32 registered cities already. Australia, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom and United States.

Oh my goodness, there'll be one in Halifax! I'm excited! I'm pretty sure this is the first CSTS for the city, though I could be wrong.
Two DAYS in Arlington (Washington DC) - terrific!
For those who missed it, CSTS posted some stats the other day.
I hope it comes back to Atlanta!
The One True b!X,

Shiny Stats! I'm keeping that link.
Sproing - thanks for that's a bit late and I looked at the list thinking there was nothing for DC! Glad to be mistaken! This is my first time living near a CSTS showing so I'm very excited!
Yay! Hoping there is one in SF again this year :)
It's showing in my city the week the kids are gone with Grandma and Grandpa. It's like fate. :)
Knuckleball: I am right there with you. I scanned through the dates preparing for typical Haligonian disappointment so I nearly choked when I saw that. Yay!
Wait there's one in Arlington! I want to go! But what do they do exactly? Does it cost money? How much? Is it fun?
Nicole, they're heaps of fun and for a great cause - Equality Now! The events include a showing "Serenity" on the big screen and there are usually prizes to win, raffles, auctions, costume competitions and much more. Every event is different, as every group has the opportunity to create an event that is custom designed for their local area. The majority of events have a ticket price to attend, and this can vary depending on the event. Each city has a thread on the CSTS Forum where updates are posted, and most groups also have a website with details. Information about the Arlington events (yes, there are 2!) are here.
That sounds awesome. Thanks!

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