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March 29 2010

The AV Club gives a shout-out to the Castle Firefly shout-out. The weekly Inventory feature includes Nathan's Firefly clip on Castle.

I thought his other, more subtle reference was also awesome.
Nathan just mentioned one tonight on his Twitter.
All told, what do we have? We've had "two by two, hands of blue", the costume, and tonight's. That's what I remember off the top of my head.
And the upcoming murder/bank heist in space episode.

... err, **spoilers** BTW.

(one of the best implemented shout-outs for any show, on any show IMO. Perfectly weighted with just the right amount of self-mockery and no winking at the camera)
There was also the catalyzer from Out of Gas sitting on Castle's shelf at one point.
I loved the M*A*S*H reference on 30 Rock, totally went over my head the first time. I've never watched Castle, but that clip made me smile.

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Babylon 5 did one of the most elaborate of these, involving Gene Roddenberry's wife.

But the Castle ones are funnier.

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