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March 29 2010

Titan Books announce writers for the Firefly: Still Flying book. Jane Espenson, Ben Edlund, Brett Matthews and Jose Molina are each contributing a story. There's also the finalised cover art and more details about what's inside the book.

The titles of the stories are:

Fun With Dick And Jayne by Ben Edlund
What Holds Us Down by Jane Espenson
Crystal by Brett Matthews
Take The Sky by Jose Molina

I CAN'T WAIT! I've pre ordered it on AMAZON, it's gonna be great! ^^
This definitely looks promising. :D
Any mention if these are pre or post-Serenity short stories?
Pre I think seeing as it's Firefly.
I was so crushed when the release date of the book got pushed back. I've already got three copies pre-ordered.

Can wait to see if the Jayne statue prop photos I submitted are in there, and also to see if danregal's pics show up as well.

The thought of a new Edlund tale has me giddy, too!
This is great news! Can't wait!
I can't wait for this!
"Fun With Dick And Jayne" !!!
Yep. Already wanted this. Hasn't changed much :). This promises to be great.
Fun with Dick and Jayne. Sounds so slashy!
I had pre-ordered mine a couple of weeks ago, definitely a must-have!
Hmm, not quite what I was hoping for. Another companion with 4 short stories - and didn't someone say at some point that they were 2000 words long? - whereas in a perfect world i'd prefer an actual full anthology of short stories from these writers (but very probably still buying it, the other companions are really nice books).
I'd like to see the Dead or Alive script included, just for completion's sake.

I think that is around the length of Jane Espenson's story. I don't think we've seen mention of the other stories word count.

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