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March 29 2010

The first episode of 60B-Cast compares Dollhouse's "Echo" & "Ghost". For its premiere topic, this new podcast discusses both the original and broadcast pilot episodes of Dollhouse, and argues for "Echo" as the better version to introduce the series.

Wow, topical.

When do they ask what the death of John Locke means to Lost?

Btw, I'm just teasing. Haven't gotten a chance to listen yet so it might be good. I just can't help myself because of that topic.

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Hmm, might give this a listen later on (although I usually don't have the patience to sit through an entire podcast; not sure why).

But anyone willing to sing[1] the praises of 'Echo' over 'Ghost' (which was a heavy topic of discussion here on the black in many Dollhouse threads a few months back, without any definitive consensus either way, I'd say), is worth the trouble of at least listening to in my book ;).

[1] Although I imagine there's no actual singing involved, that might not be a bad idea for a future podcast ;)
I enjoyed that podcast and look forward to more!

ETA: I also preferred the original first ep, "Echo."

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I also preferred "Echo" over "Ghost", and this podcast articulates my sentiments on the matter quite nicely.

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