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November 15 2003

(SPOILER) Episode 100 news.

Hmm, once an item is labeled spoiler are we allowed to discuss the spoiler content in the comments? I'll hold off until I know.

I guess its non-spoilery to say my guess is for a dark episode despite the highlight of this achievement.

But just look at how awesome the Buffy universe was at the 100th episode compared to Angel's 100th :( I think they have really damaged the quality and consistancy of this "universe" beyond belief. Remember "The Gift"? Remember the opening? Wow I miss that energy and excitement in a TV show.

(I'd rather be locked in a room for a month with only Buffy season 7 than to just watch one rerun of the Angel 5th season episodes so far...)

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I don't think the beginning of Buffy season 5 is all that superior to AtS's season 5 so far. I thought Buffy's fifth season started out pretty inconsistent. Buffy vs. Dracula and Listening to Fear don't exactly hold up as classics. My memories of Hulk!Lorne are going to go in the same dim corner of my mind that houses the snot monster from outer space.

It was the latter half of the season that went in overdrive and went straight up into The Gift. AtS has to be different, since their 100th episode is in the dead center of the season, not anything like a season/series finale. They can't blow everything one this one big episode when there will be 10 more left.

I'm sure this 100th episode will be a dark one. AtS is always dark.
Don't forget though, the Angel series started with huge momentum from the existing Buffy world. They had the special effects, makeup, and general rules of how the universe worked all down pat. All they had to do is come up with some killer story arcs and good actors (heck they brought three proven characters over within the first season).

With that much of a head start, by now they should be freaking people out with how good the writing and acting is. But they aren't. The only thing that is going to breathe some life into the show for a little while is some spot crossovers of Buffy characters, but then its going to fade again as either they don't want to stick around or Joss doesn't want (or can't) pay them.

I'm not wishing for the end - the withdrawal pains are bad enough as it is right now :( but IMHO if they want a season 6 they better get their act together fast. In season 5 I've found myself missing an episode airing and in no rush to watch a re-run. That's never happened before to me for Buffy or Angel.

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