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March 30 2010

Happy Birthday Dru! Juliet Landau turns 45 today!

Wow I had no idea she was 45. Still stunning as ever.
Happy Birthday, Juliet!
Wow! She is absolutely gorgeous for her age!!!! Happy Birthday, our favorite crazy vampire! : )
Happy birthday, Juliet! I would send you a puppy named Sunshine if I could. :)
Wow, she looks amazing for 45. Happy Birthday Juliet! :)
happy birthday, JL!
I had a look at the pictures on her IMDB page. Gorgeous woman.
(I also remember she had the best legs on display on the picket line at Fox....)

Happy Birthday Juliet.
Happy Birthday Juliet!

"I met an old man. Didn't like him. He got stuck in my teeth."
Happy Birthday, Juiet Landau! (Or may I call you Ultimate Dru?)
Happy Birthday. :)
Happy Birthday Juliet.
Happy Birthday! BTW 45 is NOT old!
I named my daughter after you, Dru. Happy Birthday
What do you mean Juliet is 45!!! Am I being punked? Wow.
Sigh, happy belated to an exotic, oh-so-alien beauty. And part of the 5-way tie for Second Most Attractive Actress in the B'verse in my personal rankings :-).

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