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March 30 2010

Castle Renewed for 3rd Season. Nathan Fillion's 'Castle' has been picked up for a third season by ABC.

Nathan himself confirms on Twitter that he'll be back fighting crime and writing novels next year as Richard Castle.

That's amazing, I'm so happy! I love this show!
Shiny! I have been really enjoying this show. Nice to see Nathan getting the sucess he deserves.
I'm so thrilled! I love the show. Nathan and the rest of the crew deserve the pickup.
I'm really happy about this: the last couple of episodes have been brilliant and I even hope that they bring out another 'Nikki Heat novel'!
Fantastic news!

FYI- The new Nikki Heat novel has already been announced- Naked Heat- in September.
Hooray for S3! And thanks, Beckilyn! I knew it was coming in September but not its title. :)
Ok then....I wil start watching now without worrying if the show will only get a season. I am so fed up of starting shows only to have them cancelled that I wait til at least the 3rd season before getting into them so if I invest in characters I wont be heartbroken at their loss (Firefly!). See what you are doing networks!!!

By the way I'm not in America so my not watching doesnt affect viewing figures, but I'm sure I'm not the only person who does that. Which causes viewing figures to be its a vicious cycle!
I haven't personally watched the show much, but I'm very happy for Nathan. Here's hoping Chuck gets a fourth season as well. And V. And any other shows with Firefly alums that I'm forgetting. =P
Finally... it seemed like it was taking forever for the decision to be made. Zap2It even had a story about it being one of the bubble shows (albeit the safest bet), just yesterday.

Over on EW they are saying that Castle's "14.5 million viewers...gave ABC its best scripted performance in the time-slot in 14 years."


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Hurray! It did seem to be taking an awfully long time.

The chemistry between the leads has really developed into something special and the supporting cast is also blossoming. But Nathan holds it all together. Now a wider audience gets to revel in all his charm. (But I still want my captain back.)
I'm so happy, that show is really my TV wise smile-highlight of the week :p it has grown so much better than anything procedural :p
Congratulations are certainly in order. I suspect that one key thing here is how much of the DWtS audience is being retained. The ratings for Castle are going up with DWtS as the lead-in even though Castle follows at 10 p.m. (eastern) which is when the audience shrinks a good bit. That has to help I would think.

I would expect a syndication deal like the one Bones has on TNT after next season.
Cool. I like the show rather than love it and wouldn't be heartbroken if it didn't come back BUT the world's still a better place for having 'Castle' in it IMO. Everyone making it seems to be having a good time and that comes across onscreen.
I still need to watch beyond the pilot sometime. Glad to hear that Nathan actually gets to lead a show that isn't immediately cancelled!
Castle is the new Bones, and Bones is the new NCIS. And I think you can guess what NCIS is now. :D
Fantastic news! Castle just keeps getting better and I'm glad people are noticing. The show is just plain fun!
I'm very happy for Nathan. After last night's strong numbers, this show definitely deserved a renewal.
BRILLIANT! Oh, I am so happy. Finally, Nathan is getting the success he deserves! Now that the show airs here in Latin America, I've been working on converting people. I've got a few new Castleites (didn't he call them something like that at some point?)
This show has taken some patience but the last few episodes have made it all worthwhile. Hopefully it doesn't get uneven again, but even if it did I'd still watch for the few gems and, as always, Mr Fillion.
Thank goodness. Nathan needs to be on my tv. As much as possible.

Thank you, ABC. Now please be a dear, and make sure he has the time he needs to make Dr. Horrible 2. Whenever that may be. :-)
Oh this is awesome, my entire family loves this show to death. It's actually one of the few things we all watch so I'm majorly happy that it's getting another season. Finally a show that shows of Nathan's awesome talent that lasts well beyond the first season
Yay Nathan. Fun show, good cast (love Castle's daughter and mom), all coming together like a real ensemble - always a good sign.
This is great news. Not exactly surprising given the ratings and all, but it's nice to have the official announcement. :)

Now I only hope they continue right on with showing the second season here in Germany once they finished the first one, because I passed my Castle love on to my parents already (they were hooked within 2 episodes, LOL) and they would be very much not amused about losing their Castle fix.
YAY!!!!!!!!!! love the 3rd season news!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great news - it is such a fun show with a great heart. Plus, Firefly references a-go-go!
thank god. i really like the show, but i've been trying hard not to be too attached to it after what happened to me and firefly... i never really recovered from the cancellation of that series and feared castle was not going to make it through the second season... and then abc ordered 2 more episodes for season 2... and now a confirm for season 3! WOO HOO! thank you abc! (and a raspberry to FOX)
This is wonderful news. Congrats to the cast and crew!
Very happy about this! Loved the Firefly reference in this last episode too!! Love the chemistry between Castle and Beckett!
Okay, this is embarrassing, but I missed the 'Firefly' references in last Monday's episode.... Can someone clue me in? I failed to save it on the DVR. Was I just too caught up in the excitement of the episode to catch it? Usually I pick up on all the 'Firefly' fun!
Nice late birthday present for the Captain.
And about time, too, I say. :;-)
Many happy reruns, Sir. I hope you get your hundred made. At least!
embers -- It was when Beckett complimented Castle on his shot and Castle said that he was aiming for the guy's head.
While examining Beckett's flat they also wore blue gloves but that's a 50/50 shout-out (at best) I reckon since blue's a really common colour for those latex crime scene style gloves.

The specific mention of the head (it's basically a verbatim quote) suggests it probably is a shout-out BTW but at the same time, that whole riff of "Nice shot" ... "I was aiming for his/the X" is pretty common, I always thought 'Firefly' was nodding to various westerns with the line. E.g. (roughly) "Nice shot" ... "I was aiming for the horse" is one instance from "The Magnificent Seven" (James Coburn, who in the film is much handier with a knife, shoots a baddie at quite some distance, accidentally as it turns out).
Yes! So happy to hear of the renewal. Love this show and this season has been great entertainment. Fun, indeed.
Oh, brilliant!!! :D

Gotta love Castle!
Castle coming to the UK on April 7th - Alibi channel - tried to post this in the main area but it seems to have vanished ...

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