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March 30 2010

Fandom Charities auctioning off signed Whedonverse items. Two Dr Horrible posters, a Once More With Feeling poster, and a book by PJ Haarsma are up for grabs. They're signed by the likes of Joss, Nathan, Felicia, Alan and Amber.

The OMWF poster is signed by Joss Whedon, Felicia Day, Jane Espenson, Camden Toy, Doug Jones, Juliet Landau, David "Mustard Man" Fury, Scott Tipton, Brian Lynch, and Amber Benson.

Whedonopolis is auctioning off other stuff for charity so I tweeked your entry to reflect this.
Oh, a new OMWF posters, I thought it was the original. I got so happy, then I saw Buffy & Spike about to kiss. Not one of my favorite Buffy scenes.

Not that I could have afford it anyway. The original goes for hundreds of dollars on ebay, so I can't imagine this will be cheap.
I find it a little odd that Juliet signed the Once More With Feeling poster.
The people who signed the OMWF poster are connected to the Buffyverse, not just in that episode. Oh, and there are no DVDs being auctioned.
Edited the title to reflect that no DVD's are, in fact, being auctioned, as Marsia points out.

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