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March 30 2010

Behind the Scenes with Nathan on his show, Castle. Nathan's take on a behind-the-scenes tour with some Nathan flair to boot! Also available on

Sorry -- it's Hulu so sorry to our UK etc. friends.

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2010-03-31 17:52 ]

Damn Hulu. Anyone know where I can see this in Canada?
Heck, I'm in the USA and with the continuous buffering I can barely watch it my own self.
Nathan is awesome.

It worked great for me.
Damn you Hulu! *shakes fist*

Yeah, stupid Hulu. I want me some extra Nathan!!
This video is very cute. But just FYI - its from last year when the series just started if you want to put it in context.
i cannot watch hulu either =(

by any chance, is it the same thing as what is on the abc site (see below)?
lol That dude was really snoozing! :) Kyle's cute.
thumper - Yep, same clip; please capitalize, makes it easier to read.
Nathan with a video camera, rockin' improv skills, and free wheelin' around the set, and you get the funny... lots of funny!

He did some hi-larious Firefly behind-the-scenes vids, and it's obvious he gets a kick out of doing them. Even back as far as Two Guys and a Girl he was creating funny video improvs. He's in his element.

And of course, being Canadian and polite, he happily makes himself the target of the jokes and doesn't set-up the humor to embarrass others. Plus, hey, so very pretty to look at! A win all around.
stupid hulu...

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