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March 30 2010

Making of a Comic: The Guild #1. See the first six pages of The Guild comic go from the script, through pencils, inks, etc., to the final product.

The only time that this seems to have been done for Buffy was way back with issue 3.

Loved the first issue of The Guild comic. Bizarrely, at the same time as I got it, I also bought my first ever MMO (Warhammer Online for all of 2). I'd read the preview beforehand, so I knew that Cyd bought the MMO in this comic, but somehow the huge coincidence of what I'd done didn't hit me until I was driving away!
Dark Horse is awesome for doing this kind of thing. Always appreciated. Such amazing insight into the process.

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They also have a similar feature about Zack Whedon's new Terminator comics. Which I think can be pretty much purchased now, right?
I'm hoping this means Dark Horse is trying to really promote this book and turn it into an ongoing. I also hope Felicia has time to write an ongoing. Because I just adored the first issue.

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