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"I had to dismember that guy with a trowel."
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March 31 2010

Mayor Wilkins featured in IMDb Poll of the Day. Which TV mayor would you vote for?

Mayor Wilkins is one of the options for today's IMDB poll.

No E.B. Farnum? Fail.
Reading that list made me imagine what S3 of Buffy would have been like if Mayor Adam West from Family Guy had been the Big Bad.

And my favourite quote from Mayor Quimby:

Wiggum: Watch your step Quimby. I have those photos.
Quimby: You can't blackmail me! Those pictures could be anybodies ass!
I loved many of those mayors, but had to vote for the only really competent name on the list.

H.R. Pufnstuf.
"I may have used funds from the city treasury to fund the er uh murder of my enemies. But as Gabbo would say, I've been a bad widdwe boy!"
Gotta go with Adam West. Oddly competent in very specific areas, that man...
Clarence Royce of The Wire was a riot! "Sheee-iiiit." He was a corrupt a-hole but so funny.

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The Mayor of Townsville, of course. I would have gone for E.B. if he were there though.
You want me to vote for Mayor Wilkins? He's going to turn into a giant snake and try to eat the town! Not good for civic pride, imo.
I loved watching Mayor Wilkins make his way towards ascension, especially since he was hilarioius, but I wouldn't want to be eaten. Gotta go with Johnston Green on this one.
WHAT?!?! I would love him to be my mayor...he was just too cute..."two words...Minature. Golf."
I'm notr registered there so could't vote for N"one of the Above," since I favor Otis LaTrivia. I mean, Gale Gordon, you can't go wrong, right? And I know basically nothing else about the character.

I truly liked Richard Wilkins in so many ways. PErhaps it was fear of death. PErhaps it was fear of not beign in control of his life. PErhaps, liek Doc Savage villain, he was an idealist who had his own notions of making the world better and planned to achieve them any way he could. Deep down inside, he never should have become the man he became. But he made his choice. Like Willow. Like Jonathan. And only one came back.

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