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March 31 2010

Felicia Day talks Dr. Horrible Sequel to MTV. She's heard there is a title.

Oh is this where we all start to speculate on titles because mine is Dr. Horrible and the invention of the life ray, in which Dr. Horrible reverses the polarity on the death ray to bring Penny back. Also there's singing.

Yeah I realize it's kind of long and gives away the plot but Joss is made of magic so I'm sure it would still be awesome.
I knew it. I knew they were gonna have a title.
I've got it! The ELE could somehow bring Penny back to life and she becomes Dr. Horrible's new nemesis, as they vie for fame or something important like that.
Zombie Penny? Joss hates zombies! That could never work!

Maybe Dead Bowie can bring Penny back to life while singing Dead [Wo]Man Walking.
I thought Nathan announced the title already. Wasn't it Carnal Indulgence?
I used to think it would be Dr. Horrible 2; The Fast and the Horrible but now I'm gravitating towards Dr. Horrible 2; Penny Has a Glitch (I have a little sister, pelase somebody get the reference *Crosses fingers*)
There's always Dr. Horrible 2; The Early Years but the comics kinda covered that, plus it would be annoyingish if Horrible Turn suddenly became uncannon.
Anybody up for Dr. Horrible; Dead Man's Penny? How about Dr. Horrible; Revenge of the Bad Horse?
Getting old? Nahh
Dr. Horrible; E.L.E. United? Dr. Horrible Returns? I've got it! Dr. Horrible; The Meltdown!
Or a Dollhouse crossover, Dr. Horrible 2; Apocalypse.

[ETA: I know Horrible Turn isn't cannon, I meant if it suddenly couldn't have happened.]

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I love seeing actors I love getting interviewed, buuuut all this "there is a title!" news (what, twenty-seven pieces now?) is getting to be torture. Must... know...
Dr. Horrible 2: The Hammer Strikes Back.
Jesse, I was actually thinking a week or so ago that it would be cool if Penny came back as a superhero or something. :D
I would love to see Penny back!

IF this is going to be a movie, it needs to have her at least in a flashback. Also, wouldn't it make a lot of sence to call the movie just "Dr. Horrible"? Like, we have seen the video blog that introduced the character, now the movie is the real deal? Because you can't market the movie just for fans of the sing-along blog. That would also rule out anything with a "2" in the title. Everyone would think "I never heard of part 1, must have been a flop".
Here's an idea: Penny could be like the imaginary angel on Dr. Horrible's shoulder to guide him back to the path of good. Like a representation of his conscience. I imagine it being like Head Six on 'Battlestar Galactica'.

I just don't like the idea of her coming back as a superhero or zombie. No offense to Felicia, but I'd prefer her to stay dead. Her death gave the original the shock value that was part of the reason it was so great. Bringing her back to life would seem like a cop-out and kind of make the climax of the original meaningless.

But when all's said and done, whatever route they take I'm sure it will blow minds. Even if that means Robot Penny.
Or, I know, how about Penny's adorable but secretly evil long lost twin, Felicia, who works for Kraft services? She could be undercover for the ELE to taunt Dr. Horrible.

No? Ok maybe Captain Hammer is so distraught over Penny's death he gets plastic surgery to look and sound exactly like her, but never fear because he clones himself first so Nathan Fillion is still in it. Then Penny!Hammer and Clone!Hammer can get married (because we all know he would so marry himself) and annoy Dr. Horrible more.

We will find a way for Joss to bring her back even if it does require guessing every ridiculous and insane plot point we can think of!
corinna I laughed out loud at your last sentence, because of course that is what we will do.
Reanimated Penny would of course not be the same. She would likely be - dare I say it? - horrible!
When Joss was in NY City last September he said, "There is a title: Penny's Still Dead."

Since then I've privately wondered whether he was secretely revealing the true title which is a sound-alike: "Pennies Til Dead".
There was already a villain mentioned named "Hourglass" in DH1 who can apparently read, and maybe manipulate, time. So there's one option for bringing back Penny - time reversal.

Another way I can see this going is through sacrifice and redemption. Billy can find a way to bring her back, but has to choose to sacrifice himself for it to work. (A life for a life.) He regains his humanity and "feels" again, but of course it's now too late for them to be together. Another tragedy. But why assume this one should have a happy ending?

Then there's the old switcheroo - we see Penny carried off, but not pronounced dead. Yeah, in the end she looks dead not sleeping - but maybe she's just unconscious. This angle would have to account for some kind of conspiracy involving the news, which reported her dead. Would provide a twist to the supposed early foreshadowing, as she'd have actually been "sleeping not dead."

Otherwise, Joss's challenge is to make it good enough that we get over Penny's death. He's proved before that he's capable of it.

And it's not like there aren't other beloved Whednoverse actresses who would love to appear in DH2, some of whom have hinted that they even thought they might have been asked to participate in DH1. While being able to sing might be an important criterion for the cast, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Nicholas Brendon have proved what's possible even without strong singing voices.

Ultimately: well, were Billy and Penny a good fit? NO! Billy had a schoolboy crush on someone he didn't actually know, and whose real opinions he dismissed. Penny was insecure and also subject to crushes, on both Billy and Capt. Hammer. She believes "everything happens for a reason" but stops herself midsentence when Billy commands her to not say that. (Despite how I've seen this performed at many high school and college shows, Penny was definitely going to say "everything happens for a reason", not merely "everything happens.") So she changes for Billy. Now, admittedly some of this kind of thing often goes on when people are first getting to know each other - they sweep differences under the carpet to justify their growing interest in each other. Ultimately those differences surface, and discord emerges in the relationship. Penny is NOT going to be interested in a shiny new Australia or in anything else about Dr. Horrible. And who is Billy, except for somone who aspires to be Dr. Horrible and puts the incompatible Penny on a pedestal?

So is there a real tragedy that this couple never got a chance? There's a tragedy that Penny dies, but not that their relationship didn't happen. So we'd like to see Penny back, but can anyone really imagine them as a successful couple? Dr. and Mrs. Horrible? Well, it could be funny I suppose.

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