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April 01 2010

Petition to stop Season 8 writer Brad Meltzer from ever writing again. Contributors include Patton Oswalt, Brian K. Vaughan and John Cassaday.

Is he responsible for the big "Twilight" reveal? 'Cause if so, where do I sign? :D
LOL. Cute.

Speaking of April 1st, my friend is getting married today. I wished her good luck on her anniversary next year ;)
Haha, that's so mean yet so funny. Neil Gaiman's was my favourite comment.
My favorite was Patton Oswalt's. I love him. XD
I loved this so much. :D
I was going to yell "WHAT THE HELL!! How rude!"

I totally forgot it was the first day of April, lol.
Very nice. Trust writers to wish someone a Happy Birthday creatively.
Just because it's the first of April doesn't mean Brad Meltzer didn't let me take a trip in his time machine to discover next week's winning numbers. Unfortunately, somebody took Brad's pencil, so I didn't have anything to write with...
It must really be horrible to have a birthday on April 1st. I bet by 40, he's going, "Ha ha, yeah, very funny guys." And then writing versions of all his friends into his books and killing them horribly.
Happy Birthday Brad Meltzer!
This is how I would want my peers and friends to wish me Happy Birthday.. hilarious.
I smell an April Fool's joke. :P

Happy birthday, Brad Meltzer! :)

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This is a roast, right?
Yup, it was a roast and/or an April Fool's Joke. My guess would be a combination of both. I thought of mentioning that in the post, trying to explain what it was about, but I figured that it would be better for people to click on the link wondering what was going on. And I was conscious of our posting guidelines on trying to keep posts brief and to the point.

I thought that it was great, though hopefully Mr. Meltzer has a good sense of humor. =)

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