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April 01 2010

Zack Whedon interviewed by A Comicbook Orange. Find out which movie he would rather watch the rest of his life on a deserted island -T3 or T4. And if you go to the Dark Horse website, you can read the making of issue 1 of Zack's new Terminator comic book.

I combined your two entries together to save space on the front page.
im just happy to contribute!
Yeah, I think I'd pick T3 as well. There's a lot to pick on with both T3 and T4, but at least T3 has the ballsy and I-didn't-expect-it move of making Judgement Day happen, despite Reese, Sarah, and John's best efforts. The sight of the bombs flying across the globe was somehow beautiful and haunting/horrible at the same time.

It might've come down to casting too. I've always liked Nick Stahl, he wasn't in damn near every major action film in 2003, and didn't feel burned out on him after T3 and HBO's two-season Carnivale. His performance as John might've been a bit too quiet and uncharismatic when you compare him to Edward Furlong's younger John, but it worked with the broken man/drifter image (the only time it was ridiculous was when they showed us an aged Nick Stahl-as-Connor in the future). Claire Danes, also a plus. Could take or leave Schwarzenegger, I mean the franchise can definitely survive without him and, after the one in T2 killed itself, they maybe should've left well enough alone.

T4...I like Christian Bale, I like Bryce Dallas Howard, after Avatar I love Sam Worthington, love Helena Bonham Carter, and Anton Yelchin, but I've liked them a heck of a lot more in other roles. And ably acted as it was, I wasn't thrilled with the inclusion/introduction of the new character that Worthington played. Much rather would've followed Kyle Reese and fleshed out future John Connor and his wife better. On top of that, the future didn't feel like what we were shown in the original Terminator and T2 and that was a letdown.

T4 feeling like just another action film didn't endear it to me either, with my fond memories of the first two films (the third was an unnecessary tack-on).

I also kinda hate T4 for further recasting. There would've been nothing wrong with using Stahl and Danes, Danes is still a household name.

And folks who've seen The Sarah Connor Chronicles can probably offer further comments/comparisons on top of their opinions about T3 vs. T4.

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