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November 15 2003

Peter David Reviews 5ADH07 'Lineage.' "Wesley's been a fifth wheel for the season thus far, but wow, was this worth waiting for."

His review of 'Tru Calling' is also available: "This may seem undercut by the fact that I completely forgot it, but the series is really starting to grow on me."

I read this review and some of the comments and I thought that I hope I never get to taking TV that seriously.
Oddjob I hope I am replying in a correct way. I'd be interested in hearing about the process of how Tru became more interesting for you. I have to admit that I only gave it one shot.
pesoto74: Glass houses, stones, etc.
Well I think some people on that board are right: Cyberdad didn't shoot Wes because they were essentially 'good guys' or at least perceive themselves to be. They didn't actually kill anyone at W&H. Maybe only when absolutely necessary.

I was also glad to see PD finally pointing out that the Smallville Lana-Clark thing is pretty much an unchanging 'yes-no-yes-no" teen cliche by now.
HEY! I just read someone on PD's thread saying it's been confirmed Angel's been signed for a 6th season??

Sounds like bullhonkey but the poster seems sincere in believing it at least. Anyone any clue as to what he could be on about? If this was true it would be all over the net for one, and since when are these things determined this early in a season anyway??

Sure WANT to believe it, but....
WhatshernameWanda/Kirstin said so in her chat. She probably thought she was talking about S5.
But the ninja-bots did nearly choke Gunn.

I didn't find the fact that Wesley's robodad didn't kill Wes straight away to be an inconsistency though, like it's said, they appear to be "good guys", although they sure employ some questionable tactics...(enslaving Angel to work for them, for instance.)
pesoto74, I haven't watched 'Tru Calling.' I think you're mistaking Peter David's comments as my own.

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This is WAAAY off topic...but does anyone know of a forums site for BtVS...I was watching Inca Mummy Girl last night and noticed a little orange button that Giles wore in every scene (I am assuming on purpose since it was present in every scene Giles was in). I just want to see if anyone knows what it is about...
Television Without Pity has a Buffy forum, so does SMGfan (of which I'm not, but that's a whole 'nother story...) It has a special area for the Buffyverse. Those are the two I check besides, of course, Whedonesque.
Thanks a bunch! Although Whedonesque doesn't have a "true" members forum...
Simpleba- There are so many Buffy forums out there, but the first one that comes to mind is The Watcher's Diary @
Sorry Oddjob I guess there should be a ban against posting while half asleep. My one venture of watching tru-calling amazed me in that they did something that I thought would be difficult. And that was making ED boring.
"Previously, when Dru has shown up in flashbacks on "Angel," it presaged a Drusilla return in modern day. We can only hope that's the case here."

Do y'all agree that this is true?
Usually on AtS, any time a character starts out in flashbacks, they've shown up for real later on. Not just Dru, but Darla and Holtz as well.
Yeah, but we did see Dru in Lies My Parents Told Me in a flashback, but not in modern day.
But given that it's not very likely to have a full episode dedicated to back story with no tie-in to the current story, I'd say it's highly possible that there will be a modern day appearance.
Then again, she could be there simply for continuity and to truly express some of that anger between Angel and Spike, as well as being a way of introducing her to any new viewers. Possibly a way to set up modern day appearances in later episodes.

I overthink way too much...
I said on Angel the Series, people in flashbacks usually turn up in modern day. It didn't work that way on Buffy, I know. But Angel has interacted with a lot more immortals.

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