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April 01 2010

Dollhouse Essay Contest Winners Announced! Jane Espenson selected the best essays for "Inside Joss' Dollhouse," a Smart Pop Book.

Congratulations to the winners!

Can't wait to read the winning essays in the book and congratulations to everyone who entered! I was too dragged out mentally, finally, to attempt this, though I wanted to. Anyone from W throw their hat into the ring? I thought I recognized one real name in the list but I'm not sure.
Congratulations to all winners. I can't wait to read the book.
Congratulations to the winners! That must be really exciting and I look forward to reading all the wonderful essays.
I threw my hat in but my hat fell to the ground. Oh well. If you wanna read though, I posted it here: I call it The View from the Street

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Congratulations to all!! Is there a release date for this book? Can't wait to read it!!!
Enjoyed your deep-focus mise-en-scène readings of the "Man on the Street" testimonials, rocknjosie!
Thank you pointy!
Really excited to be a part of this anthology! Thanks for the congratulations. I'm very much looking forward to reading the other submissions! I believe the book will be out in October.
Thanks for the congratulations. Can't hardly believe it. Such an honor!
Excited to read them, eincline and witaria!
Huge congratulations to eincline and witaria! And of course to rocknjosie as well for throwing yourself out there. I was tempted to write something, but didn't have the time/dedication at all.

Pointy, did you write an essay for consideration? And if so, will you grace the internet with it?

ETA: Just read rocknjosie's "Man on the Street" essay. I quite enjoyed it--I really like the comparison, point-for-point, of the interviewees with Dollhouse characters, although I wonder a bit if Boyd fits more snugly into the role of the professor and Dominic the paranoid loon. (Well, they both have bits ofe ach, I suppose.) The angry "the only reason someone would sign up to be a slave is if they is one already" woman seems to map over onto Sierra very well. Somehow I wonder if one of the early interviewees might map onto Ballard or Claire as well? The closest for Ballard is probably the paranoid one--certainly, this man is how the rest of the FBI must see him now.

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First I have to finish it, WilliamTheB!
Well do let us know! (Well, I visit your site periodically so....)

Is it on "Omega," or is that magnum opus of yours going to continue tantalizing for generations? Make sure you finish it before Tim Minear retires! (Just joking! I kid because I care, Pointy!)
Good guess! Alpha's arc in Omega is a key part of "The Rebirth Artist." So I guess that's two things I can finish with one stone. One long, wordy stone.

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