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April 01 2010

The Guild meets Muppet Babies. An official spinoff of The Guild, titled Lil' Guildies has been announced.

What a wacky idea. I am always pleased when a hardworking, talented woman is out there doing something rad with her time. Even better when it's one of the rad, talented, hardworking women of our Whedonverse.

I must also note that I find the theme song very clever. Paul and Storm did a great job working with the existing theme.

And on today of all days too.
Looking at the date, I am compelled to believe this might also be an awesome instance of the internet getting punked in honor of April Fools. Either way, it's amusing.
I want so badly to believe this is true. Someone please tell me this isn't just an April Fools?
On a related note ('cause of Felicia's gaming and possibly because of the day), but not worthy of its own post: has launched a matchmaking service. If you actually attempt to do any searches for matches, the site leads you through a string of "loading" bars, each with a different message. One reads thus:

"Land: burned. Sea: boiled. Unable to acquire sky, please wait...."
I am both amused and a little appalled at how much effort people put into these April Fools Day jokes online. This reminds of that Zelda movie trailer that got put out a few years ago. How do people find the time. That said, this was hilarious.
This has been my favorite joke so far today. "And also they're in outer space." Hilarious.
If she didn't already own it, I would say Felicia just won the internet.

I would so watch it.
This is too cute. Literally. I may have to see the dentist. But still, I agree: Felicia Day HAS won the internet!
Destined to be a guildie pleasure.

Must. Dig. Holes. In. Eardrums. Now.

Or as Vork might say, I have no opinion on the matter, but if I did, and I had to save a starving, lonely dog whom I have never met before, or this infantile muppety creation, then I would save that dog, as he might have a reward and therefore would be slightly more profitable than watching such a horrible mess.

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I'm starting out with the Guild -- the comic book and about three or four episodes in-- and while I love the fact that Bladezz is an embryo (oooh that's just awesomely perverse).

For some reason I just thought that Tink also skewed younger? And Vork was actually older than the rest rather than just being prematurely bald or anything. And Clara... I love her already but it seems like she'd also be slightly older than Felicia et... the other two younger looking non-teens.

Also in general I am a fan of-- Well no, I think maybe it's just the Muppets themselves where I can tolerate babies. I really enjoyed Tiny Toon Adventures as a kid but those were wholly created younger characters. (And their baby flashbacks were just that, rather than spin offs unto themselves.)

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This is too rich. Best Fooling ever!
It's a prank. Embryonic Bladezz seals the deal.

I usually hate April Fools Day--it always strikes me as simply an absurd waste of time when I should feel obliged to stay away from all news sites, online or otherwise, but I was LOL-ing at this. Go Embryonic Bladezz!
Yeah, I kinda <3 embryonic Bladezz.

Props to Felicia & co. for celebrating the day so creatively!
I was convinced this was an April fool's joke at first, but have become less sure the longer the day has gone. If it is a joke, then it is an amazingly elaborate one, with over a dozen people involved, all of them playing it dead straight with no hint that it's not real, and doing so all day long.

Supposedly the official announcement on this was to come tomorrow at a big comic signing event. We'll know for sure then.
Sometimes I love April Fool's Day stuff, especially when it's elaborately planned.
AlanD, they're nowhere near the same age, plus "And also they're in outer space." ?? Also, Felicia has a wonderful sense of humor and ... why would anyone do this?
Felicia has just tweeted that it was indeed a joke.
I refuse to let the dream die. This still has at least as much chance of being made as Serenity 2. A network exec could see the video and then anything could happen.

Have hope! Believe!! And remember, there's a little Embryonic Bladezz in all of us.


Embryonic Bladezz: still less ewww than Cordy/Connor.
The tweet confirming the prankage can be found here.

And the theme song is still clever, even as a prank. Especially as a prank, come to think of it.

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