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"Are you saying I'm some sort of Viking?"
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April 01 2010

Blizzard's new matchmaking site has a Firefly reference. Enter your criteria and click "Find matches now". Watch the progress text carefully and see if you can spot the reference. :)

That took a while, but the reference finally came up... funny.
For people like me who tire of the joke long before the reference arrives, it says

PC Load Letter? What the hell does that mean?

/Takes printer to field. Attacks with baseball bat.
For people who don't get the reference.... can we have an explanation?
I stumbled across this a few hours ago. Blizzard always has great April Fools jokes, but it was the Firefly reference that really made me smile :)

In order to see the reference, DON'T watch the video. Use the matchmaking thing at the top of the screen and look at the text above the progress bar.
... Burn the land and boil the sea / You can't take the sky from me ...
Wait, so this is worthy of a post all to itself? Dang. I could have had my first (enduring) link in the Black.

...but it's still really funny, so I'm cool. I also like the "pre-re-undeinterlacing" and "deintransignation" steps.

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