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April 01 2010

Gina Torres joins new ABC Family show 'Huge'. It's a drama series set in a weight-loss camp for teens. The Hollywood Reporter also reports that Alexis Denisof has been replaced by Chad Lowe on the ABC Family series 'Pretty Little Liars'.

Sad that Alexis has been replaced.
Missed that, I'll add that blurb to the entry.
Aw, Alexis. :(

That's cool for Gina. I know that there has been some negative buzz around "Huge", at least in some of the internet places I frequent, because of the subject matter. But I think, if handled tastefully and respectfully, it could be a show where overweight children might find some role models and people to identify with, and maybe even learn a health tip or two in the process. So I think if done right, it could be a positive show.

However, I'm not sure how long this premise can go for. Unless the actual overweight actors they cast as the kids lose weight over the course of the series, how is it going to work?
Isn't Huge also gonna have Nikki Blonsky in it? I'm glad Gina Torres is getting some work, but this show sounds pretty bad to me. I hate to be "that guy", but it's sort of upsetting that some actresses who aren't skinny little twigs are actually going to be on TV for once, but only in a show about fat camp.

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Yeah, I'm glad Torres is getting a paycheck, but this does not sound remotely interesting to me. And that's really too bad for AD. I was hoping this would really work out for him.
Whenever an ABC Family show comes up I never know how to feel; on the one hand, they produce the fun quality drama like Greek, but on the other, they show dross like The Secret Life to huge ratings. I know you have got to go through the crap to get to the good stuff, with everything, but the good stuff is so much harder to find on an invisible network like ABCF.

I'm going to echo everyone else as well. Alexis' show sounded quite interesting, but now I don't think I'll give it a look and Huge? I can't imagine it being good, although Gina might make it watchable.
Aw, I'm very sorry to hear that news about Alexis. The show sounded interesting and the world needs more Alexis Denisof.

Congrats to Gina though.
Well, now I have a reason to boycott the ABC Family Channel! I guess the only person that will hire Alexis here in America is Joss.
I now worry if Alexis is going to give up acting, considering all the bad luck he has been having since Angel was cancelled.
His wife needs to make the producers of her show (HIMYM) to add him to the cast.
The news about Alexis really makes me sad! He was the only reason I was going to watch that show. Sad day. We definitely need more Alexis on our TV screens. : (
His wife needs to make the producers of her show (HIMYM) to add him to the cast.

Didn't he already guest star?

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