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April 02 2010

New look for the German Buffy and Angel DVDs. Rest of Europe to follow? For a better look at the boxart, check the trailers for the Buffy and Angel DVDs on YouTube. Or go to the respective Buffy and Angel listings on

We got the same new look dvds in France last year, here.
Cheers. I like your version of the complete Buffy collection.
They look pretty, but I've got mine already. In 2 different versions per series 'cause I didn't buy them all at once…
How big are the season cases themselves? They look like M-Lock ones, which are what the UK have already. Nice looking complete box sets though.

I also have to give kudos to that German dub acting. Whether it is lip-synced is another matter entirely, but it sounds faithful to our lovely actors.
I'm waiting for a Blu-Ray version as I've already own the individual packs.
Thanks for the comment about good dubbing. I just might buy one of these.

German dubbing of English TV/films cam be hit and miss. Some of the TV is pretty bad, but I bought a copy of the LOTR trilogy on the cheap and found the German voices were excellent.

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