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"Coming from you, that phrase strikes me as rather funny. Sorry to bother me."
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April 02 2010

According to the Hollywood Reporter, American Pie 4 is "in high gear". The planned reboot is intended to reunite the original cast.

Um...unless it was a wretched April Fools thing. Just noticed the date on the article. Sigh. Maybe this should just be deleted...I'm going to preemptively crawl under a rock now, and shake my fist impotently at April Fools Day.
are they just going to pretend that those awful straight to video AP sequels never happened? Because that's what I do, just so I can sleep at night.
I don't know if Alyson will come to do a fourth movie. She's busy with HIMYM and taking care of her new kid too.
If it is an April Fools joke, it's a really stupid one. Shouldn't April Fools jokes be funny, rather than highly plausible, basically normal news?

I have no problem believing the orignal cast wants to return; it's the biggest thing on most of their resumes, except for Sean William Scott and Alyson Hannigan. Also have no problem believing the Harold and Kumar guys would be directing, because... they're comedy directors? It's what they do?

So yeah, if it's a joke, stupid joke.
It's still getting reported by the more credible elements of the entertainment press so I'll go out on a limb and say it's true.
Wasnt this reported a few months back? I definitely remember reading something about a new non Direct-To-DVD movie!
Well as long as its better than all the direct-to DVD films that came after AP3, then it's good news :)
This would've been good if it'd been 5 years ago, but how are they supposed to do a teen movie with actor/esses all in their 30's now?

Maybe it'll be some kind of school reunion plotline, they're a talented group of comedians so that'd have some potential there for a decent movie. But still, I'm thinking April Fools joke as well.
It's real. The H&K guys were announced as writing the script last month.
Original cast? Now in their mid/late thirties? How can it be a "reboot" then?
Will Ms. Hannigan have an actual role to play in the story, or will the most talented member of the cast step around the potty jokes once more?
Cautiously crawling out from under the rock now (unless you are all playing an extremely elaborate April Fool's prank on me, to which I say, well played, you wags, well played)...

My favorite part of the article was the line about how this project is moving forward so rapidly in large part because the actors are very keen to do it. I really, really want to see Aly get another shot at the big screen. And the best thing about the American Pie series, from my perspective, is that it just became more Aly-focused as it went along, pairing her up with its main character and then devoting the final installment to their wedding. Assuming (hoping, fingers crossed) that the story for part four shows us the married life of Aly's character and whatshisname, I'll be happy. If, however, it's "Stifler Presents: a Bunch of People in Cameo Roles" I'll be annoyed. I'm hoping that with Aly's current fairly high-profile status and crossover appeal thanks to HIMYM, that she'll basically be the draw here; I think she's been the most successful of the orginal American Pie cast. Go Aly!

Unless you rogues are all playing an extremely elaborate April Fool's prank on me. I'll have you know I'm squinting suspiciously at you all now, so I may examine the cut of your collective jibs, whilst sitting in my study smoking a pipe and drinking sherry.
I have waited for this day to come for years. I loved her in the American Pie films. She's hilarious. Though, when it's released, I take it I'll be too young to watch it in the cinema. :/ Unless it's a 15 in the UK, like the previous three (original, not spinoff).
Deleting -- that was crass even for me, and frankly I found American Pie 1 + 2, and even 3, inherently sweet. I'd love to see another.

[ edited by will.bueche on 2010-04-03 03:03 ]
I really, really want to see Aly get another shot at the big screen.

I do too. I don't know about Alyson but if I were her, I'd be trying to get a new film role since the last one she did was Date Movie. She was the saving grace of that cinematic turd.
MAtt Damon needs to do MAlteses Flacon with Aly as MAry aStor.

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