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April 02 2010

New Dollhouse items up for auction. This week's items include Adelle's tea set, Victor's attic body suit, and a set of watercolours from the Dollhouse's art therapy sessions.

What's going on? Joss in a little financial trouble? ;) I'm so glad they're doing another one. To quote Liza (without an E, not Eliza with an E, 'cause Liza with an E...)in Cabaret "Maybe this time I'll wiiiiiin!"
Here's the eBay Dollhouse rss feed for anyone who wants to know when new Dollhouse items are listed:
I won the Mellie nightgown and sweater (from when she was in the DC Dollhouse) so no bidding for me this time. Boo Hoo.
my pocketbook is so relieved that none of the female cast members had size 10 feet ~ there's always great shoes here!
Ooo, the teapot! If I were only working in a lucrative, well-respected job instead of being a lousy teacher! Ah well, should have become a drug kingpin. They can buy tea sets.
From what I can tell, VIP Auctions has a contract to sell off stuff from a whole host of Fox shows. They often list new items from long-dead shows (Arrested Development, Buffy, Angel, X-Files) in addition to shows on the current Fox lineup, so there might be Dollhouse items for years to come.

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I actually already have one of those tea sets. :P Not because of the show, just because I have one. It makes me giggle that it's going for $350.
Wasn't the tea set sold in the very first of these Dollhouse auctions?
I swear those watercolors were already up for auction before, also.
Oh, they're auctioning off Mr. Dominic's suit! (I was kinda hoping it's the soft-like-a-kitty suit).

How many tea sets does Adelle have? I thought they already sold it?
Another tea set? This says it's from her office (but not if it's screen-used, I think?). What did the other auction say?
There have been multiple sales of the "same" item since every TV production makes/buys several copies of any important prop or costume. Can't risk something getting broken or having coffee spilled on it and production grinding to a halt because there is no spare.

Look for the words "screen used" on these auctions which should tell you if it was actually, you know, screen used.

The first Briar Rose book was "screen used" but a week later another one was just "a prop".

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