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April 02 2010

Possibility of Dollhouse comics. There may be a graphics version of the universe, according to this article.

I seriously hope it happens. It sucks that my favorite Whedon show doesn't have a comic version, it's the only one I'm interested in following in comic form. I've never been into them before but Dark Horse would surely get a new consumer in me if this happens. I may even branch out and purchase the Buffy comics after too.
This sounds quite plausible, from a interview or two a while back Joss seemed very (okay, fairly) keen on the idea of Epitaph 1 comics, and now the universes are together, I think a pretty awesome comic could be created (Epitaph 3, yo). I don't think its length even needs to be that long, something somewhat short but with just enough meaty substance would be great. In fact, graphic novel-sized would be brilliant.

I'm happy this news didn't get posted yesterday. :P
I don't know. I'm kind of okay if it's done. I think it's the most finished series out of all of them.

Of course, if they wanted to run comics that filled in time between the second-to-last episode and the last, I wouldn't object. =)
Whiskey backstory! Whiskey backstory! And/or whatever happened to Whiskey between The Hollow Men and Epitaph 1. That's all I want! Or possibly Alpha between A Love Supreme and Epitaph Two. That, and a Whiskey backstory are all I want. Or post-Getting Closer Lawrence Dominic. But other than that, Whiskey, and Alpha, there's nothing else I want!

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I don't know who this Josh person is but I'm sorry his heart was broken again.
I think the fact that Scott has basically said it isn't likely is the more accurate reflection of the reality.
THIS HAS TO HAPPEN! It just has to! The Dollhouse cancellation was so hard on us all and Joss. The story needs to be told!
Seriously Kaan,
It constantly shocks the crap out of me when fans, or people privy to information about him, don't even know his name. That is ridiculous.

But yes, this would def. rock, as long as Joss is okay with it..
I must've missed the interview where Joss was positive on the idea. The last one I read about this he had said no continuation of Dollhouse in any other medium.
But in that same interview, he also said that it COULD happen in the future. I really did not expect it to ever happen, and maybe I still don't, however my hopes have been raised by this new post.
I think I remember reading (and the article confirms it) that Joss thought of the Dollhouse universe to be over, and there would not be an attempt to bring it to other mediums, but I guess that was when he would have had to campaign to get it done. If they're coming to him, it's different, and there are ten years of time that can be filled in. I would like to see when the phone call that creates an army happens.
I would like to see when the phone call that creates an army happens.

I think that's the smartest way for them to proceed if they intend to do a Dollhouse comic. Show the war. It's grand, epic in scope, and the comic book format can give us the location shots the show never could. We could see the effect of the tech in other countries, we could see the remnants of the world's governments attempting to cope (surely the initial use of the tech didn't instantly wipe the entire planet--in the show it mentioned China was attacking the U.S. with the tech.)
I just want to know what happens between The Hallow Men and Epitaph 2.

Although, post-E2 comics, showing the fallout and aftermath of the apocalypse could be fun, too. This idea kind of reminds me of Jericho... aren't they doing Jerico Season 3 in comics? hmm.
A direct quote would have been more credible.
While I do love the prospect, I'd be tentative about Dollhouse comics. I'll wait for something more credible before I let my hopes up.
Hmm. This doesn't seem like a good idea. I think people have made it pretty clear that a Dollhouse comic isn't likely. I can't imagine the Dollhouse world transferring successfully to comic book format. I think a line needs to be drawn under Dollhouse- it was good, but as a fan I've got limited interest in seeing it continue as a comic.
I wasn't clamoring for it, I made peace as of cancelation last fall that it was gonna be over with (and was truthfully kinda happy to not have to wait five seasons for a conclusion--love TV mini-series more than long-running, these days--though given how the last few eps of Dollhouse Season 2 ended up, I see that it might've benefitted from at least a third season), but I'll buy the comics as long as it's not advertised as an ongoing the way IDW's Angel seems to be.

Get in there, tell some of the story that might've been told on TV to fill in some gaps, then get out. A mini-series or two, tops (better yet, a graphic novel like what they're doing with the Shepherd Book/Firefly comic, 'cause lotsa Whedon & Dollhouse fans aren't gonna wanna wait six months to a year for the whole thing). The right people behind this (both writer and artist-wise--but especially writer-wise, 'cause I trust Dark Horse to find interesting artistic talent the way they did with many of the Buffy artists over the years, Fray's, Dr. Horrible's, The Guild's, Hellboy way back when, etc) will have me very enthusiastic about this happening.

Great comic book adaptations can belong on the shelf with the DVDs/blu-rays. When I finally get around to getting a Fray hardcover (I have the floppies), it'll go on the shelf with the eventual Buffy blu-rays (unless I just digital download all of Buffy, we'll see). Maybe the Season 8 and 9 comics, we'll see.

Certain Firefly/Serenity comics might be worthwhile to wedge between the Firefly box set and the Serenity Special Edition. That's how I ordered it for my dude, he watched Firefly, read that first 3-issue mini-series so he could see the Blue Hands get killed off and Inara leaving the ship, then watched the film.

If the Dollhouse comics are good enough (if they happen), they could be worthwhile additions to the story seen on TV. If they tackle the the LA Dollhouse vs. Rossum corp story, or anything between that and "Epitaph 2", could be cool to read 'em in between and introduce others to watching, reading, then going back to watching the series that way (I'm all about the chronological, optimal viewing/reading experience, when it works/when the entertained person benefits).
I just want more Dr. Saunders.
I agree with DetectiveYelsew and watery lights in regards to the prospect of a future comic letting us spend more time with Saunders/Whiskey. I empathize with her character more than any other.
Early on, I wasn't hot about the idea of a Dollhouse comic, but Epitaph Part 2 posed so many interesting questions that I'd like to see answered. I want to know how Echo and Alpha went from being enemies to friends. Also, what happened to Whiskey/Dr. Saunders after she set off the smoke in Epitaph 1? Did it kill her, too?
Well, the good folks at Buffyfest talked to Scott Allie, and cleared up a couple of things. Check it out HERE. However, contrary to the statements made by that other guy (according to various reports), Scott says that
Finally, regarding the Dollhouse comic announcement, Dark Horse mentioned Dollhouse a while back, but has taken that announcement back repeatedly over the last five months. There is nothing new to report about it at this time.

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