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April 03 2010

L.A. Times confirms that Joss Whedon is on The Avengers short list. Here's the quote that's doing the rounds, "After some checking, insiders at Marvel Studios say no director has been signed yet but that Whedon was on the short-list and conversations took place. This could be promising, Whedonites."

I'm with most people here I imagine when I say, unless he writes it, I'm not that bothered.
Oh I dunno, I think most people here would be thrilled to bits to see an Avengers movie posters which says "directed by Joss Whedon". But I do believe that this is going to be a very interesting and hard decade for Joss fans.
But I do believe that this is going to be a very interesting and hard decade for Joss fans.

As opposed to the previous decade? I love this fandom, for the most part, but I would never label being a Joss Whedon fan as easy. Theres just to much disappointments(read:cancellations) to ever feel comfortable ;)

It would be really cool to see that 'directed by' tagline, and if The Avengers does happen I'll get excited, but I would be more interested if it were on a Goners poster. Wait... isn't Goners with Paramount? Aren't they making The Avengers?
Paramount is doin' this, yes, and Whedon met with Paramount recently - as one of the old Serenity studio peeps there emailed me asking me something about Joss. (sidebar: my emails scare me). What it means I don't know, and honestly I'm fed up of TMI nowadays -- but from my point of view, you couldn't hire a better director for something involving an actual story with actual plot and actual characters.

As for Whedon fans having had a disappointing decade - come on, you've just had four TV shows spanning 200 or so episodes and a major motion picture. It's been pretty amazing.

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Yeah - I'm not sure where the disappointed come froms? I've had a great time!

I think this could be great, but then I know nothing about these characters and when I saw the tagline thought it was the British Avengers (got very excited about that).

This would be the biggest thing Joss would have done, Hollywood wise I mean. It would mean major kudos if it were a nice big hit, right? Major kudos means...more doors open!
This would be the biggest thing Joss has done by a pretty wide margin. The budget on this thing will be huge. I mean, absolutely freakin' huge. Also, it would actually get released. From Marvel's point of view, too, Whedon is an excellent name to chose in terms of positive buzz.

The question, in my mind, is if there's a story that needs to be told. If the story is good and the script is solid, make it happen Marvellers.
Yeah - I'm not sure where the disappointed come froms? I've had a great time!

Hows about:
1. Firefly cancelled.
2. No Faith spin-off.
2. Angel cancelled.
3. No Spike telemovie.
4. What happened to Ripper?
5. Serenity's opening weekend (bah-bye any sequels).
6. Wonder Woman.
7. Goners.
8. Where the hell is Ripper?
9. Dollhouse cancelled.
10. Are we ever gonna get a Buffy movie?

Okay, I'm really just having some fun here. I didn't say I was disappointed! Just that there has been disappointments over the last decade. I don't really dwell on these things, but who here wasn't disappointed over the things on my list? And I know they were mostly out of Joss' control (and hopefully a couple of them will someday see the light). It has nothing to do with what Joss created and put out there. I have had the greatest time! I cannot even imagine what growing up without Buffy would have been like. *shudders*
Uhm. Wow.

This would be a great next step for Joss for sure. And all of us here want to see our hero succeed. But even more than that, I want to see his genius thrive and I'm not sure that a big budget movie is the best place for that, especially if he's not writing.
Even if he doesn't script it, you can bet he'll make sure the story is solid, and would probably do a pass on the script
Yeah, directors have pretty big influence on the scripts they direct, even if there's already a draft when they join the project. I don't think we'd be seeing Joss telling someone else's story if he directed this.
The IMDB page is fun. Whether Samuel L. Jackson is really playing Nick Fury or that's just an internet rumor, I like it.
Yeah Jackson is Nick Fury in the Iron Man movies. And I read somewhere he signed on to play the character in pretty much any movie Marvel makes ever.
Oh cool, I hadn't been following them (obviously). I should probably check them out I guess, to have some idea of what is going on in Hollywood's Marvel world nowadays.
Samuel L. Jackson pops up at the very end of Iron Man (after the credits from memory).
He has nine film deal with Marvel, so expect him a lot more as their movieverse expands.
He apears in the sequel also. In the new Avengers reboot (ultimate avengers)comics the characer was in his new design also based on Samuel l Jackson before he even was cast as such for the movies, so it was kind of a logical move.
Wait... isn't Goners with Paramount?

Last I heard, Goners is in turnaround (if I'm using the term correctly) at Universal (which they bought either with Serenity or after). Paramount is distributing and marketing "The Avengers" for Marvel Studios, and they get 8% of the worldwide grosses of each Marvel film they release.
I can't wait for The Wasp and the Avengerettes.

But seriously, I'm not going to get excited (setting myself up for disappointment) until they make the official announcement (and then maybe not even until shooting ends).
Directing The Avengers would be about as high profile as you can get.
I'm not going to get excited (setting myself up for disappointment) until they make the official announcement

Me either.

No, that was a lie, I'm excited =p
Maybe Whedon's interested in doing it because it might get him the recognition he needs to get Dr. Horrible 2 off the ground? Since NPH said they wanted to get the sequel an actual theatrical release and all.

I'm just throwing this out, I don't have a clue what Whedon's doing with Dr. Horrible 2.
I want Joss to make what he wants to make. If he ends up directing The Avengers, I will support him wholeheartedly.
In terms of the writing... I'm suddenly thinking of Jane Espenson talking about how Joss making suggestions on all her scripts, and she makes the changes "because he's always right," and as a result it's often hard for us in the audience to tell where Jane left off and Joss began.

Even if Joss just directed it, we'd still hear some of his words.
Directors in film tend to have much more influence than the writers. It's the opposite of TV. The director is god. Right where most of us would like Joss to be. I hope this works out.
If Joss would love to make the Avengers movie--if he loves the characters and the story--then I'd love for him to direct it. Otherwise, not.

ETA IMO, Whedon fanliness offers an embarrassment of riches.

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I think both he (Joss) and Alexis has/are having a very hard time this decade.
Both need a helping hand in their careers.
Start with Joss, and then he can hire Alexis.
Kaan, you forgot:
11. Cabin in the Woods release delayed so 3D effects can be added to justify higher ticket prices.
To be honest, things like Ripper, the Faith spinoff, the Spike thing... They're both outside of Joss' control and projects which weren't greenlit. And those things make almost all of the list of disappointments above.

I'm actually happy the Faith spinoff didn't happen. I've seen Eliza as Faith - it was refreshing to see her as other characters on Dollhouse instead.

Maybe I'm trying to positive spin it. I don't know. I don't feel disappointed or let down as a fan, and the fact Marvel have Joss Whedon on a list of directors to direct likely the most expensive comic book movie ever made suggests his career isn't exactly bottoming out.
Yeah I don't get the impression Dr. Horrible is not yet done because of the lackluster careers of its key players. More the opposite problem. Even Nathan's show got not-canceled twice. It's becoming a little rude actually the way ABC keeps doing that to him.
Agree with Pointy. Many riches. (And with gossi. Many Elizas.)

Didn't think much of the article suggesting that people bug Felicia & Zack about what Joss is doing at events where they are promoting their own work.
I think I'll go with the dire catastrophe theory of why I should be happy that Joss might direct this film (not that I'm not happy about it now): more earthquakes, creating more Tsunamis, or alternatively an Asteroid falling at just the right angle and location that a huge wave wipes out all of California. Or, the big earthquake hits and Nevada becomes beachfront property. I'd gleefully watch a remake of Pee-Wee's Big Adventure directed by Joss because who knows how long we all have, really, to enjoy him?

I've been a pessimist most of my life and a few years ago decided I had better start looking at the Cup of Life as Half Full, because I get enough lemons hurled at my head, and the intervals in-between are so nice and restful. Better enjoy what's there instead of what isn't.

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See - I'm still not disappointed cause I got to meet you lot!

I even married one of you, I'm just not telling you which one!

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FYI, when Marvel reimagined Nick Fury as African-American for the Ultimates universe, the fact that he looked pretty much exactly like Samuel L. Jackson was neither a surprise nor a coincidence:
* Comic Book Resources, November 2003
* Wash Times, Feb 2003
* Comic Book Movie, Aug 2006
Joss is in the top ten popular searches on Yahoo now. Joss being on the short list is quite exciting indeed.
Better enjoy what's there is instead of what isn't.

Old Scottish proverb Tonya J: "Be happy while you're living for you're a long time dead".

Kind of like "If life gives you lemons, make lemonade. COS WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE !!" - it's important to cut your optimism with a splash of underlying, fundamental, spirit-crushing pessimism ;).

I even married one of you, I'm just not telling you which one!

Well then don't blame me if i'm not living up to my half of the arrangement.

As to Joss, the Avengers should totally take him on, he could be The Dialogueist or Genre-Bender™. And if not I bet the JLA would be happy to have him.

... no, I haven't read the article, why do you ask ?
Now i know Samuel L. Jackson is playing Nick Fury but Nathan Fillion would have been perfect as Nick Fury
bubblecat married Saje? What? When? What?
Three very good questions.

(it seems unlikely but if she won't tell us which of us it is then it's impossible to be certain)
I wonder if I should tell you, but I'm too interested to see what Saje does next.
Well, it isn't me, cuz girls are tons o fun but not in my dating pool at the moment. Anyone else want to fess-up, or are we left to twist in the wind? :D
See ? Uncertainty - it's the silent killer in our homes. Now i'm worried that i've potentially forgotten any number of anniversaries.
Yes, you know what they say... uncertainty is like radon. Or somesuch. And hey, as long as you're out buying flowers...
Well, potentially. Poverty being the other silent killer ;).

(and yep, exactly like Radon. Go to any landfill site and claim it's leaking uncertainty and I practically guarantee people will look at you as if they don't know what you're talking about. QED)
I thought landfills leak methane. Now I have to worry about Radon, too? Not to mention uncertainty. This is too much.
OH JESUS! Shouldn't have mentioned earthquakes yesterday. Just had a big one here in San Diego (centered across the border in Mexico), the biggest I've felt since I moved back in 2003. My poor cats are terrified! See what I mean about enjoying life while you can?!!
ACK! Are you alright?
Thanks, I'm fine, just very shaken by the suddenness of it! It went on for 45 seconds they say on the news.
Glad to hear it. Must admit, the idea of even the Earth under your feet not being solid scares the bejesus out of me. We get rain and cold and the wrong kind of snow can grind the entire country to a nationally embarrassing halt but earthquakes are rare (and the last one of any note that we had I mistook for a passing lorry so not exactly high on the Scare-o-meter).

Still, all that shaking would've made it the perfect time to make lemonade ;-).
Saje, you're a god. bubblecat is SO lucky. ;)

Tonya J, also glad that you are no worse for wear. Growing up in AK we always had our share of earthquakes, most notably the '64, where tiny me remembers the concrete streets rolling like waves and the birch trees smacking the ground like whips.

Lemonade, anyone? *clink*
Thanks for the well wishes (Saje, you are a very nice man) - I saw on Twitter QG and tlacook in L.A. got the major shakes as well. Then we got 2 bloody aftershocks (at least, I did here in San Diego). Damn, hope this is over for now.
Flipty norah! I hope everyone is alright! Also, I shall just leave Saje buying flowers for a bit, cause....who doesn't like flowers?

Erm....what was the topic again? Ah yes, Joss, film...yes please!
Well, I guess on Easter nobody cares if you hijack, seeing as how there were just us 4 here. And, you know, earthquake.

But the buying of the flowers must continue, I'm four-square on board with that. Sterling roses please, with a side of chili-infused dark chocolate? *bats eyes*

And what the hell does 'flipty norah' mean? ;)
"Flipty norah" is a nicer version of "bloody norah" of course, kind of like "chuffing heck". Hope that clears things up ;).

(it's like a Keanu "Whoa !" I guess but stronger. The "Flipty" variant isn't common usage in my experience BTW, may even be unique to bubblecat but English being what it is, it still immediately makes sense if you know the root expression. And all of the above are pretty much euphemisms - of varying mildness - for "Fucking hell !" ;)

(Saje, you are a very nice man)

"Well, i'm alright". But cheers ;).

*returns to potentially bankrupting himself buying potential flowers, particularly potential Sterling roses which sound potentially silvery*
Well - I'm not too sure Willowy as it was 2am...but, it came from Flipping Nora, which is another expression for blimey.

I have no idea where it came from though! It could be this:

"Nora' is not a woman's name but a form of the word 'horror'. The phrase started off as "flaming horror" (or "flipping/bloody etc horror") as a cry of dismay/disbelief. In the normal Cockney manner, the final 'g' and the opening 'h' were dropped to produce something that sounded like "flamin-orror" and that in turn over the years became "Flamin' Nora!"...or "Bloody Nora".

I got it off in internets though so it could be totally wrong. See...words Joss, they're COMPELLING! ALso, it's proof that there's always a demon, flames or blood involved somewhere along the line!

[ edited by bubblecat on 2010-04-05 09:41 ]
Well if you're going to bring actual knowledge into it ... Jeez ;).

("Blimey" as in "Cor blimey" originally meant "God blind me" apparently which, even to this avowed atheist, sounds a bit dodgy - if there is a God he seems the sort that'd take that kind of dare and really run with it IMO. T'internets eh, full of stuff. A friend told me you can even get porn on there now)
Crickey! I shall think twice about saying that now!

I am now worrying about what crickey means. Arse, maybe I should have stuck to the F-word!

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