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April 03 2010

Wondercon 2010: Dark Horse confirms Buffy: Season Nine comic. "Previously, Dark Horse had announced it hoped to do a Season Nine, but now the publisher explained that not only will it definitely happen, but, unlike that of Season Eight, its story won't take three years to tell."

Glad to have that confirmed I guess. I'm thinking Season 9 could be great, Joss and co. just seemed to be getting their footing with season 8 and I think there's still a lot more potential for some good Buffy stories told by comic.
Thanks for the link.

I'm thrilled by IDW doing True Blood
I was hoping we would get the cover for issue 36 or something.
"Three years"? umm. we'll be past 4 when it's over.
I'm looking forward to it but somehow I also hope that it will be the last installment. That said being hooked to Buffy. Guess somehow I desire a little closure to the epic.
So Georges Jeanty will probably be back.

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Excellent. That means this will start coming out about the time I actually get caught up on S8.
Didn't Scott Allie pretty much already confirm that a S9 of sorts was happening at ECCC 2010 (and at least a couple of times in his SlayAlive Q&As)? No tentative date then though, so that bit is still news.

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Nothing against Jeanty but I just sorta wished that they'd change things up. Like every year they change the status quo to some extent and gradually shift production in slight ways and given how there's been such a globe trotting nature in terms of set already one way to indicate a shift would be artists.

Mostly I just wished that Joss would have pulled out the old Runaways artist, Adrian Alphona, out of quasi-retirement from comic book work.
Well, I wouldn't take that Jeanty comment so seriously. Apparently, there were some inaccuracies to some of the WonderCon reports. We're going to post all the info very shortly.
Well, the good folks at Buffyfest talked to Scott Allie, and cleared up a couple of things. Check it out HERE. Basically, as I mentioned before, the S9 announcement is pretty stale news; Scott's mentioned/confirmed it several times in the SlayAlive Q&As now, as well as the most recent official word on the matter at ECCC 2010. However, contrary to the statements made by that other guy (according to various reports), Scott says that specific creative decisions have been made about the length or style of Buffy Season 9, nor has an artist been finalized. Georges has said publicly he'd like to be involved somehow, but it doesn't sound like he'll be the main artist.

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orangewaxlion, if we're thinking along the lines of former Runaways artists, I think Michael Ryan would be a better fit (he who drew Joss' arc). I know Alphona (and Jo Chen on covers) often get lauded as the best Runaways artists, but I really enjoyed Ryan's work on the series as well.

Could be cool to see Season 9 be something like two or three nice-sized graphic novels in all, put out that way. Probably not the most lucrative way for Dark Horse to release it though, plus they'd need to get a big head start on it if they really wanted to have it the first installment ready for release by San Diego ComiCon 2011, as suggested a while back.
orangewaxlion and Kris have the right ideas... either Alphona or Ryan would be amazing in my opinion! They were both great during their respective turns on Runaways. I think they'd be good fits for Buffy.
Hmm, "... won't take three years to tell" could mean fewer delays (which haven't been that bad at all on "season 8") OR fewer issues. Happy with the first, not sure about the second.

Nice that it's utterly, totally confirmed but as has been mentioned, this has been more or less utterly, totally the case for a while now. Artist wise, i'd like to see them vary it a bit with maybe different main artists for each arc (or every couple of arcs) and some "off the wall" choices for one-offs (or for a couple of anthology issues within the mainline continuity).
"Off the wall" like how Buffy The Animated Series character designer Eric Wight got to do "After These Messages" ?

Cartoony Buffy, painted Buffy, full sized Jo Chen issue of Buffy...all would be good fun for any Season 9 one-offs.
If I had to pick a new artist, I would say Amanda Conner, who is leaving Power Girl, and who draws some of the best female characters I've ever seen (and cats, too, for the record -- it is clear she is a Cat Person if you look at any of the depictions of Power Girl's cat).

I'm just happy it's sticking around for another season!

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